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Airfare:  Employees may purchase airline tickets with their personal credit cards and be reimbursed through the travel voucher system.  Employees may also charge tickets directly to a TWU account by using a departmental Air Travel Card.  

If purchasing a ticket on a personal credit card, less expensive fares may be found by contacting one of the airlines directly or through companies like Expedia or Travelocity.  Care should be taken to make sure that a receipt can be obtained that definitely shows that an airline ticket was purchased.  Receipts provided by some online intermediaries (such as may not meet the reimbursement requirements of the travel voucher system.  Be especially aware of purchasing tickets that combine the lodging and airfare; many times their receipts do not meet the requirements for reimbursement.   

Airfare purchased using a departmental air travel card will be charged directly to a TWU account. The advantage to this option is that employees do not have to carry the expense personally.  Short's Travel Management will be used by ORSP for travel facilitated by our office. To purchase airfare using the ORSP travel card, the traveler must: 

  1. complete the first and third sections only of the Air Travel Authorization (ATA) form, sign it as the traveler, and send it immediately to ORSP (we will complete the remainder of the form);
  2. contact the travel agent at either agency: or , explain to the agent that the airfare will be paid by a TWU air travel card, discuss flight times and prices of fares (including refundable, non-refundable, and state and non-state contract rates), and request an itinerary for review; and
  3. forward the itinerary to the TWU staff member who will contact the travel agency and confirm the flight.

Information pertaining to other forms of travel may be found on Procurement's Travel page.

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