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Mileage within the State of Texas:  Employees who want to claim mileage for driving personal vehicles have these options: 
  • use Google Maps internet mapping service, or
  • keep a log of odometer readings from the traveler’s vehicle that includes dates of travel and point to point locations and submit the TWU Business Travel Mileage Guide Log with the travel voucher.

    NOTE:  When several employees are traveling on the same date to the same place by personal vehicle, they are expected to share transportation (four persons to a car). Each passenger may submit a Travel Voucher to claim meals/lodging and should give the name of the person who furnished transportation.  The owner of the vehicle may claim mileage in addition to meals/lodging. 

    Mileage for out-of-state travel: When a personal vehicle is used for out-of-state travel, the employee must claim reimbursement based on the lesser of:
  • Reasonable expense of travel from headquarters to the nearest commercial airport plus round-trip contract airfare from the nearest airport to the out-of-state destination and reasonable parking expenses. This may include what the taxi or limousine fares would have been from the point of destination to the employee’s lodging and return had the employee traveled by plane. This should be figured using the Justification of Mileage vs. Airfare form.
  • The actual out-of-state mileage at the current state rate per mile.

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