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Travel on grants must comply with the TWU travel guidelines as well as funding agency guidelines. The controllerís office is the definitive source regarding travel. More information can be found at or by calling 81-3671.

What to do prior to traveling :
Complete the Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) form and obtain the required signatures. This form must be submitted with the Travel Voucher when applying for reimbursement. For grants, these required signatures include the traveler, the supervisor, the account holder (if different), and ORSP. Travel to any foreign country other than Canada or Mexico requires authorization from the Provost and the Chancellor at least 30-days prior to departure. 

Registration and airfare may be purchased by the traveler and reimbursed through the travel voucher system or they may be purchased by departmental staff using the air or purchasing card and charged directly to the department's account:
Conference or meeting registration
Airfare (see transportation)  

The "Quick Links" button in the upper right side of this page leads to the most commonly used forms.   

Submitting Travel Voucher for Reimbursement:
After returning from the trip, the travel voucher must be prepared to request reimbursement. Make sure to avoid the most common travel voucher delays.

Important Notes for Travel:

  • Non-overnight meals are not a reimbursable expense.
  • Travel claims (vouchers) must be submitted within 60 days of the last day of travel to receive reimbursement. Any travel submitted beyond 60 days from the last day of travel will not be reimbursed. Recurring mileage (such as site visits, clinical supervision, etc) should be claimed monthly on an RTA created specifically for that month.

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