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All submissions for Visual Arts Poster Presentations will be reviewed and accepted or denied by your Faculty Sponsor, designated in the abstract submission form.

Visual Arts Poster presenters need to be aware that after a submission is accepted into the Symposium, the artist will exhibit artwork and a printed Artist Statement/Abstract outlining concepts, research and ideas to be presented on the standard board size of 6 x 5.

Artists must present either actual works that can be displayed on the 6 x 5 board, or photographs of the work you are discussing in your abstract. You must present the work in the standard accepted by the professional art community, either in the framing/display of work, or in photographing of the works. Please discuss this with your advising professor after you are accepted.

You may have your poster printed according to the guidelines on the Symposium website, or print it yourself following those same guidelines.

You may contact Vance Wingate at for more information regarding these instructions.

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