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The Chancellor’s Student Research Scholars (CSRS) program honors outstanding achievement by select students in research and creative art endeavors. Final selection of the scholars was made by the Research Committee of the Graduate Council. In addition to awards, these students will be honored at a luncheon TWU's Chancellor and President hosts for them during the Symposium and will also be recognized at Convocation and Commencement.  

The Chancellor's Student Research Scholars for 2016 are:

Doctoral Students:
Paramita Basu, Biology;
Lauren E. Cross,  Multicultural Women’s & Gender Studies;
Amy C. Johnson, Family Sciences;
Sumod Sebastian, Biology;
Pallavi Upadhyay, Biology;
Sanil K. Valappil, Biology; and
Carla N. Wilson, Multicultural Women’s & Gender Studies.

Masters Students:
Deedra Baker, Visual Arts;
Andrew R. Hinkle, Chemistry & Biochemistry;
Sidrah Khan, Chemistry & Biochemistry; and
Marjorie E. Torres, Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Undergraduate Students:
Amanda Clark, English, Speech, & Foreign Languages;
Mariah E. Lewchuk, Health Studies;
Guilla I. Santos, Nursing - Dallas; and
Tamiel N. Turley, Biology.

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