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One of the celebrations at the Student Creative Arts and Research Symposium is theárecognition of the Chancellorĺs Student Research Scholars (CSRS).á The scholars programáhonors outstanding achievement by select students in research and creative art endeavors.áFinal selection of the scholars was made by the Research Committee of the Graduate Council. Theseástudentsáwill be presented with their awards by TWU'sáChancellor and PresidentDr. Ann Stuart, and honored atáthe luncheon she hosts during the Symposium.á In addition, theyáwill also be recognized at commencement and when they graduate.á

Congratulations to our 2014 Honorees and their Faculty Mentors

Doctoral Students:
Remya Ammassam Veettil andáDr. DiAnna Hynds, Biology
Priyanka Mathur andáDr. Clay King,áNutrition & Food Sciences
Prapti H. Mody andáDr. Laura Hanson,áBiology
Jairus M. Reddy andáDr. DiAnna Hynds,áBiology
Sumod Sebastian andáDr. DiAnna Hynds, Biology
Pallavi Upadhyay andáDr. Camelia Maier, Biology

Master/ Post-Baccalaureate Student:
Vishal R. Sharma andáDr. Richard Sheardy,áChemistry & Biochemistry

Undergraduate Students:
Wen Y. Chong andáDr. Lynda Uphouse, Biology
Jo G. Contreras andáDr. DiAnna Hynds, Biology
Giovanny Martinez andáDr. Lynda Uphouse, Biology
Christian A. Solano andáDr. Lynda Uphouse, Biology
Tamiel N. Turley andáDr. Sarah McIntire, Biology

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