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Name: Shweta Singh
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: School of Management
Phone: 940-898-3424
Email address:
Description of research activities: My research interests lie in the areas of customer relationship management, market segmentation, consumer search for information and B2B marketing issues. My dissertation titled ‘ Three Essays on Risk-Adjusted Customer Lifetime Values and Returns to Search’  demonstrates the importance of accounting for customer riskiness in traditional customer lifetime value (CLV) models using proprietary data from a prominent credit card company. My paper on ‘Returns to Search’ looks at the gains to consumer search for information suing survey data from the automobile industry. I am mainly interested in empirical modeling. My papers titled ‘Risk-Adjusted Lifetime Value: A New Approach to Valuing Customers’ and ‘Return to Search and Its Determinants’ are going to be presented at the INFORMS 2008 in Washington D.C. and my paper ‘Risk-Adjusted Revenue: Implications for Customer Relationship Management’ was presented at the INFORMS 2007 in Seattle.
Keywords: CRM, Information Search, CLV models, B2B marketing

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