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Research at TWU

Teaching and the discovery of new knowledge go hand-in-hand at TWU. Faculty members are engaged in research which addresses important issues facing our society in areas related to health, education, and quality of life. By working side-by-side with faculty on research projects, undergraduate and graduate students gain valuable skills and experience while contributing to the body of knowledge in their respective fields of study.   The complex nature of the issues facing our world today requires increased emphasis on cooperative approaches to problem-solving. To achieve the best solutions, much of the research being conducted at TWU extends beyond the traditional classroom and laboratory as faculty and students work collaboratively with representatives of business and industry, governmental agencies, and other universities. We are proud of the quality of research that is being done at TWU, and our goal is to expand and strengthen our efforts to increase external support for these important research efforts. 

Faculty Research Profiles

The faculty research profiles contain information about TWU faculty researchers' expertise. Profiles are listed for tenured and tenure track faculty researchers as well as clinical and visiting faculty engaged in research activities. Some examples of the quality research projects being conducted at this University are featured here.

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