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The Research Advisory Committee was established by the Academic Council to advise the Provost and Academic Affairs about issues related to the research enterprise at Texas Woman's University.  The committee is composed of a dean and a chair designated by the Academic Council; a faculty member from each college designated by the deans; and the current chairs of the Research Support Committee and the Graduate Council's Research Committee.  The committee meets at least once each semester (fall, spring, summer).

Membership for Fiscal Year 2015:

Dr. Brigitte Vittrup, Family Sciences, College of Professional Education representative, Chair
Dr. Gay James, Health Sciences, Dean representative
Dr. Kenneth "Shane" Broughton, Nutrition & Food Sciences, Chair representative
Dr. Lynda Uphouse, Chair, Research Support Committee
Dr. Jessica Gullion, Representative, Graduate Council Research Committee
Dr. DiAnna Hynds, Biology, College of Arts and Sciences representative
Dr. Sharon Wang-Price, Physical Therapy - Dallas, College of Health Sciences representative
Dr. Connie Ayers, Nursing - Houston, College of Nursing representative

Dr. Donna Scott Tilley, ex officio (Research & Sponsored Programs)
Dr. Rob Placido, ex officio (Technology Representative)

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