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2013-2014 REP Awards

Dr. Michael Bergel (Biology), “Testing the Anti-Cancer Efficacy of Novel Amidoximes in a Mouse Breast Cancer Model.”

Dr. Wyona Freysteinson (Nursing – Houston), “The Experience of Viewing Self in a Mirror after Amputation of a Limb(s) and the Perceived Relationship of this Experience to Well-being;” $8,000.

Dr. Laura Hanson (Biology), “Analysis of Mechanism of Temperature Sensitivity Due to a Truncation Mutant in Murine Cytomegalovirus.”

Dr. DiAnna Hynds (Biology), “Role of Cytosolic Rac1 in Axon Extension.”

Dr. June (Junko) Levitt (Communication Sciences & Disorders), “The Effect of SPEAK OUT! ® / LOUD Crowd ® Voice Therapy Programs for Parkinson’s Disease over Swallowing Behaviors,” $7,998.

Dr. Suh-Jen Lin (Physical Therapy - Dallas), “Effects of a Walking Program and Inspiratory Muscle Training on Individuals with Chronic Heart Failure – a Pilot.”

Dr. Camelia Maier (Biology), “Effect of Estradiol on Arabidopsis Responses to Environmental Stresses.”

Dr. Nathaniel Mills (Biology), “Testosterone May Regulate Bcl2 Family of ProApoptotic and Anti-Apoptotic Genes in Testes.”

Dr. Huanbiao Mo (Nutrition & Food Sciences), “Synergistic Mevalonate Suppression in Human Prostate Cancer.”

Dr. Lisa Rosen (Psychology & Philosophy), “Peer Victimization in Early Adolescence: Attributions and Coping Strategies,” $7,993

Dr. Richard Sheardy (Chemistry & Biochemistry), “Biophysical Characterization of DNA Quadruplexes.”

Dr. Mary Stewart (Teacher Education), “The Effect of Leveraging High School English Learners’ Cultural Knowledge and Skills on English Proficiency and Interest in School,” $7,945.

Dr. John Terrizzi (Psychology & Philosophy), “The Role of the Behavioral Immune System in the Formation of Interpersonal Attitudes,” $6,500.

Dr. Shih-Chiao Tseng (Physical Therapy - Houston), “Effect of Brain Stimulation on Motor Skill Acquisition in Stroke Survivors,” $7,950.

Dr. Lynda Uphouse (Biology), “Role of Estradiol Benzoate-induced Progesterone Synthesis in the Facilitation of Female Sexual Motivation.”

Dr. Parakat Vijayagopal (Nutrition & Food Sciences), “Blueberry Polyphenols and Markers of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress.”


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