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Generally, payments to research participants are made in one of two ways:
  • Cash payments can be made. If cash will be used to pay research participants, the cash should be requested by using the Certification for Cash payment to Research Participants form. Once the form is completed and approved, TWU's Office of the Controller will issue a check to the researcher. In turn, the researcher will disburse the funds and document these disbursements. The forms and procedures for using the cash disbursement method can be found on the Office of the Controller's website by clicking here.

  • Gift cards are often used as a method of providing payment to research participants. Generally, these gift cards are purchased using a TWU purchasing card (p-card). The purchase of gift cards using a TWU p-card is allowed only after the Gift Card Certification Form is completed and signed by both the principal investigator and the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs. A copy of the signed Gift Card Certification Form must be included with the transaction log sent to the Controller's Office for payment of the p-card invoice.  A Gift Card Distribution Log for the gift cards must be completed and submitted to the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs upon completion of the disbursement.

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