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Mary Sue Green, LMFT, Ph.D.


 Assistant Professor


 Family Sciences

Phone: 940-898-2687

Email Address

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Description of Research Activities:


  • Feminist mentorship
  • MFT comfort working with lesbian and gay individuals, couples, and families
  • The influence of therapist religious practices and comfort working with lesbians and gay men
  • Creating a collaborative research team
  • Therapist support of lesbian and gay human rights
  • The importance of therapist self-awareness

Research Interests

  • Sexual minority clients’ experiences in therapy
  • Therapist efficacy in working with sexual minority clientele
  • Supervisor efficacy in working with diverse supervisees
  • Therapist and supervisor self-awareness
  • Supervisee learning outcomes and satisfaction with supervision
  • Ethics in research and clinical practice
  • Power and decision making in couple relationships
  • Psychological abuse in couple relationships
  • Family structure transitions

Key Words:  Therapy, Lesbians and Gay Men, Lesbian and Gay Couples, Clinical Supervision,  Religious Practices, Clinical Training, Decision Making, Feminist Practices

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