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Name: Ellina Grigorieva, PhD
Title: Professor
Department: Mathematics and Computer Science
Phone: 940-898-2452
Email address:
Description of research activities: 

Most of my 50 or so papers emphasize the utility of analytical methods and have been published in the area of the application of optimal control and game theory to business and economics. Within this field of application, analytical methods of nonlinear optimal control have the benefit of tractability and interpretability over the conventional numerical methods through the type structures associated with switching functions which yield in a natural way to game-theoretic analysis.

I am presently actively engaged in the following specific research topics:

1. Optimization of the Waste Water Treatment.

2. Mathematical Modeling in Ecology

3. Differential Games

4. Math Education: USAMO Student Preparation

Keywords: Optimal Control, Differential Games, Mathematical Modeling, Math Education

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