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Name: Camelia G.-A. Maier, PhD
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Biology
Phone: 940-898-2442
Email address:
Web Page:  
Description of research activities: Dr. Maier's main research interest focuses on the involvement of estrogen compounds in plants or phytoestrogens in plant development and reproduction. Research projects are directed towards: (1) the isolation and characterization of phytoestrogens from dioecious and other plant species; (2) screening for endogenous receptors in plants; (3) studying sexual dimorphism and reproductive ecology of Maclura pomifera and Morus sp., plants containing phytoestrogens. Other research interests involve the studies of plant epicuticular waxes and mineral depositions in plants, focusing on chemical composition, mechanisms of deposition and functions.
Keywords: Phytoestrogens, estrogen receptor, epicuticular waxes, calcium depositions

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