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Policy Name: Student Travel Policy
Policy No: 4.14
Date Passed:
Last Reviewed: 11/28/2011
Review Next: November 2014

Student Travel Policy


To promote the health and safety of students by regulating travel that is taken in conjunction with enrollment at Texas Woman's University.


It is the policy of the Board of Regents of TWU to promote safety when traveling to and from university activities or events. Accordingly, the Board of Regents of the university has adopted this policy and authorized the Chancellor to approve procedures designed to encourage safe behavior while participating in off-campus activities.

Modes of Travel

Students traveling to and from off-campus university organized and sponsored activities or events may travel by various modes of transportation. Each forrn of travel requires the students to follow common and mode-specific safety precautions as well as the student travel procedures of the university. Listed below are the basic means of transportation.

  1. Vehicle owned or leased by the University: The use of university owned or leased vehicles is the preferred mode of transportation for most off-campus travel. University student travel procedures must be followed when using a vehicle owned or leased by the university.
  2. Privately owned vehicles: Privately owned vehicles may be used as a last resort and cannot be used to transport parties other than the owner/primary operator of the vehicle. Students who use their own vehicle for travel to and from activities and events organized and sponsored by the university are expected to follow the university student travel procedures and comply with applicable state laws.
  3. Air travel: Students traveling by air must comply with all federal laws regulating air travel and the rules of the specific carrier, including rules regulating carry-on baggage and baggage weight restrictions.

Safety Issues Regarding Use of University Owned or Leased Vehicles

  • Seat belts and other safety devices: Seat belts and other safety devices must be used at all times.
  • Passenger capacity: Loading of the vehicle shall be done in accordance with vehicle manufacturers' recommendations. The number of occupants in a van will not exceed the number of working seat belts in the vehicle.
  • Qualifications and Training required to operate:
    • University Owned or Leased Vehicle. Only university employees (including student employees) may be authorized to drive university owned or leased vehicles. An authorized driver must possess a valid driver's license and have a good motor vehicle driving record. Authorized drivers must comply with applicable state laws and university student travel procedures.
    • Privately Owned Vehicles. Students who use their privately owned vehicle when traveling to and from events and activities covered under this policy must comply with applicable state laws and university student travel procedures.
  • Fatigue at the time of Travel: The maximum number of hours that a driver may drive in any 24-hour period is eight hours; each operator, at his or her discretion should stop at least every four hours for 15 minutes.
  • Compliance and Enforcement: Departments responsible for organizing off-campus student activities are responsible for verifying that students are aware of this policy and the university student travel procedures.

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