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Policy Name: General Naming Policy for University Buildings
Policy No: 7.01
Date Passed: 11/14/2003
Last Reviewed: July 2013
Review Next: July 2015

General Naming Policy

The naming of all buildings, facilities and grounds of Texas Woman's University in Denton, Dallas, and Houston, shall be the exclusive authority of the Board of Regents. The Chancellor and President of Texas Woman's University must approve any proposal to be brought before the Board of Regents for naming of buildings, facilities and grounds, and no final commitment to name can be made without Board of Regents' approval.

If buildings, facilities or grounds are to be named by donor(s), the donor(s) must contribute at least 50% of the total construction costs or renovation costs. The Board of Regents, at their discretion, may make exceptions to this Policy.

Construction or renovation must meet the standards of Texas Woman's University.

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