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Minutes of the Meeting of November 1, 2013

The November 1, 2013 meeting of the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents was called to order at the appointed time and place by Mrs. Sue Bancroft, Board Chair and Presiding Officer. Present were Mrs. Bancroft, Ms. Joleesia Berry, Ms. Anna Maria Farias, Mrs. Debbie Gibson, Mrs. Nancy Paup, Dr. Melissa Tonn, and Mrs. Mary Wilson, constituting a quorum.

Mrs. Bancroft announced that the Board would adjourn for Executive Closed Session regarding real estate, litigation, or personnel matters, under V.T.C.A., Government Code Sections 551.072, 551.071, and 551.074, respectively. At the conclusion of the Executive Closed Session, the Chair again called the meeting of the Board to order, a quorum being present.

The Board considered approval of the minutes of the joint meetings of the Finance & Audit Committee and Board of May 31 and August 9, 2013 and the Board meeting of August 16, 2013. Upon motion by Ms. Farias and second by Mrs. Wilson, these minutes were unanimously approved.

Mrs. Bancroft noted that no registrations of public testimony items were received for this Board meeting.

Mrs. Bancroft then called for the Finance and Audit Committee items. Mrs. Wilson made a motion for approval of the personnel report (Exhibit 2235), the acceptance of grants (Exhibit 2236), and the contracts and agreements (Exhibit 2237). The motion was seconded by Mrs. Gibson and all voted in favor.

Mrs. Bancroft called for consideration of Student Life Committee items. After motion by Ms. Farias and second by Dr. Tonn, the Board voted unanimously for approval of a Summer 2014 Renovation Project for Guinn and Stark Halls not to exceed $1.5 million from Pledged Auxiliary Fund Balance.

Mrs. Bancroft called for consideration of the Institutional Development Committee items. Mrs. Wilson made a motion, seconded by Ms. Farias, for approval of an amendment to Article III, Sections 2 and 2.4, of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents regarding standing committees of the Board by changing the name from the Committee on Institutional Development to the University Advancement Committee. All voted in favor. After motion by Dr. Tonn and second by Mrs. Gibson, the Board voted unanimously for acceptance of gifts to TWU (Exhibit 2238).

In the report from the Chancellor and President, Dr. Ann Stuart announced that the Doswell Family is having a “Remembrance” event tomorrow night to celebrate Mrs. Florence Doswell’s life and legacy. She commented that the event was not open to the public, but that she as well as faculty and staff from the T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences – Dallas Center’s Houston J. and Florence A. Doswell College of Nursing had been invited. Mrs. Bancroft stated that she will also be there representing the Board.

Mrs. Bancroft then reminded everyone that Regent George Schrader will be honored by The Senior Source next week at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas where he will be presented with the 2013 Spirit of Generations Award. She said that the Board was fortunate and blessed to have Mr. Schrader on the Board. Regarding the Presidential Search, Mrs. Bancroft stated that the search continues and that the February 2014 Board of Regents meeting should be the last Board meeting for TWU’s gracious Chancellor Stuart, adding that a “destination” evening will be held the Thursday prior to the Board meeting and that she will be in touch with the Regents prior to that time.

As she brought the meeting to a close, Mrs. Bancroft thanked everyone for being at today’s meeting. There being no other business, the meeting concluded.

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