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Minutes of the Meeting of November 7, 2008

The November 7, 2008 meeting of the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents was called to order at the appointed time and place by Mr. Harry Crumpacker, Board Chair and Presiding Officer. Present were Mr. Crumpacker, Mrs. Virginia Dykes, Mr. Mike McCullough, Dr. Cecilia Moreno, Ms. Scarlett Pope, Dr. Lou Rodenberger, and Mr. George Schrader, constituting a quorum.

Mr. Crumpacker announced that the Board would adjourn for Executive Closed Session regarding real estate, including discussion of early release of lease at TWU Presbyterian Campus, litigation, or personnel matters, under V.T.C.A., Government Code Sections 551.072, 551.071, and 551.074, respectively. At the conclusion of the Executive Closed Session, the Chair again called the meeting of the Board to order, a quorum being present. Mr. Crumpacker announced that Ms. Sharon Venable resigned as a member of the Board of Regents for personal reasons. He stated that he had an opportunity to thank Ms. Venable for her service; noted she did a wonderful job as a Regent, always taking the University’s best interest; commented that she will be sorely missed; and wished her well in whatever else she does.

The Board first considered approval of the minutes of the Board meeting of August 22, 2008. Upon motion by Mr. McCullough and second by Dr. Moreno, these minutes were unanimously approved. Mr. Crumpacker noted that no registrations of public testimony items were received for this Board meeting.

Mr. Crumpacker called for consideration of the Finance and Audit Committee items, the Committee being chaired by Mr. Mike McCullough for today’s meeting. Mrs. Dykes made a motion for approval of the personnel report (Exhibit 2022), the acceptance of grants (Exhibit 2023), and the contracts and agreements (Exhibit 2024). The motion was seconded by Mr. McCullough and unanimously approved. After motion by Dr. Moreno and second by Mrs. Dykes, the Board voted unanimously for approval to budget an increase in new revenue and expenditures of $4,033,000 for FY 2009. A motion was made by Mrs. Dykes for approval to give salary adjustments as presented to the Board of Regents Finance & Audit Committee on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 (Exhibit 2025), which was seconded by Dr. Moreno, and all voted in favor. Next, Mrs. Dykes made a motion for approval to authorize the Vice President for Finance and Administration to enter into a temporary license agreement with Texas Children’s Hospital and W.S. Bellows Construction Corporation and its subcontractors for the use of air space above the Texas Woman’s University Houston Institute of Health Sciences. The motion was seconded by Mr. McCullough and unanimously approved. A motion was made by Dr. Moreno and seconded by Mrs. Dykes for approval of a Resolution to authorize the Vice President for Finance and Administration to enter into a Regional Law Enforcement Aid Agreement (Exhibit 2026). All voted in favor. Mrs. Dykes made a motion for approval of signatory authorizations and Resolution for Compass Bank, TWU’s local depository (Exhibit 2027) , which motion was seconded by Mr. McCullough and unanimously approved.

Mr. Crumpacker then called for consideration of the Institutional Development Committee items, the Committee being chaired by Mrs. Virginia Dykes. Mrs. Dykes made a motion, seconded by Mr. Shrader, for acceptance of the gifts to TWU (Exhibit 2028). All voted in favor. After motion by Dr. Lou Rodenberger and second by Mrs. Dykes, the Board voted unanimously for approval to designate Room 101 in the Blagg-Huey Library as the “Joyce Thompson Lecture Hall” in honor of Dr. Joyce Thompson, a distinguished Professor of English at TWU and the author of Marking a Trail, a history of the Texas Woman’s University.

Next, Mr. Crumpacker called upon Dr. Cecilia Moreno, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee for today’s meeting, to present items for consideration. Dr. Moreno made a motion for approval to waive Tuition and Fees, except for $25 in State Tuition and $25 in Board Designated Tuition per semester credit hour, for high school students who enroll in a TWU course for which the student is entitled to simultaneously receive both course credit toward the student’s high school academic requirements and course credit toward a TWU degree (Exhibit 2029). The motion was seconded by Mrs. Dykes and unanimously approved.

Mr. Crumpacker called for consideration of Student Life Committee items, the Committee being chaired by Dr. Lou Rodenberger. Dr. Rodenberger made a motion, seconded by Mr. McCullough, for approval of an increase in Room Rates as set out in the corresponding Exhibit 2030, effective Fall 2009. All voted in favor.

Mr. McCullough made a motion authorizing early cancellation of the TWU Presbyterian Campus lease, depositing funds in consideration for such early cancellation into the project accounts for the construction of the new TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences – Dallas Center, and authorizing either the TWU Board Chair and Presiding Officer or the Vice President for Finance and Administration to sign all documents necessary or related thereto. The motion was seconded by Mr. Schrader and unanimously approved.

Regarding the Governor’s Seven Breakthrough Solutions, Mr. Crumpacker noted that, after consulting with Provost Kay Clayton, a report to Board would not be discussed at this time since there has been no activity on this program since the last Board meeting.

In the report from the Chancellor and President, Dr. Ann Stuart stated that she had several items to share with the Board. She commented that the report on Dallas Fundraising has been discussed earlier during the Institutional Development Committee meeting and, once again, thanked the Board for their support.

Regarding the enrollment progress report, Dr. Stuart informed the Regents that TWU met the headcount goal from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, indicating that TWU now has an enrollment of 12,500 and that the enrollment projection for 2020 is a discussable goal. She said that we, as an institution of higher education, must ask ourselves what kind of faculty and what kind of facilities will be needed in order to meet those projections. Dr. Stuart stated that it is the University’s obligation to the Regents to determine what will need to be accomplished and said that we will meet the Coordinating Board goals.

With regard to the report on distinguishing the University, Dr. Stuart began by telling the Regents that the dinner she intended to host for a group of select legislators in Austin has been cancelled. She indicated that, after consulting with Mr. Rusty Kelly, he advised that she not proceed with the dinner because legislators receive many invitations per night; consequently, they mainly send their staff to these events. Dr. Stuart stated that finding a different strategy, such as making a day visit with key legislators will be more productive. She then informed the Regents that Ms. Amy Kowalsky in her office will contact them regarding what strategy should be used and to see when they would be available.

Next, Dr. Stuart informed the Regents that the Coordinating Board visit with TWU has been cancelled, but stated that Ms. Trayce Hudy in her office contacted the Coordinating Board, which informed her that they will be providing a presentation regarding their formula funding recommendations at the Coordinating Board’s Leadership Conference being held on December 2 and stated that all the Regents should have received information regarding this conference.

Dr. Stuart then commented that 2009 will be a good year for TWU because it will be a decade year, commenting that she began at TWU in 1999 and that it is an excellent opportunity to market “a decade of achievement.” She stated that these achievements can be used in an effort to better position TWU and added that this is not about Ann Stuart, but about the accomplishments of the University. She indicated that she asked Ms. Carolyn Barnes, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, to start working with different categories and ideas to advertise and promote the achievements of the University over the past ten years, such as the University’s facilities, state-of the-art technology, reputation of faculty and their achievements through selection and in receiving awards and committee appointments within the state and the nation, as well as the successful fundraising campaigns. Dr. Stuart commented that by acknowledging and promoting what TWU has accomplished over the past decade we can then set forth our visions for a promising future.

Dr. Stuart noted that she, as everyone who knows her, is not a “reactive” leader, but rather an “anticipatory” leader, “keeping an ear to the ground” in an effort to position the University in Austin and Washington by being involved with key legislators and major committees regarding higher education issues that will affect the University. She stated that, regardless of who is seated as governor or in the senate, the University must not stay “vanilla flavored,” but it must identify areas of distinction because 35 institutions of higher education are being judged by legislators. After working with some groups, Dr. Stuart said that it was decided that TWU should pursue three distinctions, adding that TWU must use what it already has in order to package and leverage itself. The first distinction, she noted, for TWU is health and wellness. Dr. Stuart stated that TWU is known for its Nursing Program and that we produce the most nurses in Texas, but that Texas Tech University is currently second and intends to surpass us. She added that Dr. Richard Nicholas, Vice President for Student Life, and Mr. John Cissik, Director of Fitness and Recreation, conducted a survey that determined that students are very much interested in wellness, including such programs as occupational therapy, physical therapy, nutrition, and nursing. Dr. Stuart said that TWU must figure out how we are going to package what is offered in the health and wellness areas so that TWU becomes a profession destination point. Secondly, she said, TWU must promote “globalization.” She stated that, thanks to Provost Kay Clayton’s inventory of international opportunities, TWU can leverage its opportunities to promote other cultures and countries. Dr. Stuart commented that Ms. Barnes will need to determine how to make TWU the best place to pursue a career and, at the same time, learn about the world by attending different events that will bring about the cultural and international experience without ever leaving campus. The third distinction for TWU, Dr. Stuart said, is business, adding that TWU has a very good MBA (Master of Business Administration) Program as well as Fashion and Textiles and Health Care Administration Programs, but that if you ask any young person thinking about a business career they do not connect TWU as a business destination point. She stated that legislators are very interested in higher education issues and noted that September of next year, 2009, will be a good time to determine where we as an institution of higher education are going. Mr. Crumpacker asked if a Regents’ retreat is being planned. Dr. Stuart responded that a retreat will be held, and commended the staff at TWU, stating that we cannot do this without them. She added that the University is doing very well and that she is proud to have all of the Regents as Regents.

In conclusion, Dr. Stuart informed the Regents that the last item, regarding The Woodrow Wilson Awards Video: T. Boone Pickens, will be shown at the February meeting. She commented that Mr. Pickens’ corporation received the award for corporate citizenship and that the ceremony was held at the Four Seasons Resort in Dallas. She indicated that the video has been shown in other events in Dallas and that TWU is on the video.

Mr. Crumpacker thanked everyone for attending today’s meeting and stated that this is an exciting and wonderful place.

There being no other business, the meeting concluded.  

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