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Minutes of the Telephone Conference Meeting of February 28, 2007

On February 28, 2007, at the appointed time, the Board of Regents met by telephone conference call.

Mr. John Lawhon, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board, noted that this was a special called telephone conference call meeting of the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents, immediate action being required and the convening at one location of a quorum of the governing board being difficult, and that this meeting was being held at the 16th Floor of the ACT building at TWU, the location where meetings of the governing board are normally held.

A roll call was taken, and the following Regents responded “present:” Mr. Harry Crumpacker, Chair, Ms. Tegwin Pulley, Vice Chair, Dr. Therese Bevers, Mrs. Virginia Dykes, Mr. Kenneth Ingram, and Ms. Sharon Venable, constituting a quorum.

Mr. Crumpacker thereupon called the Board of Regents meeting to order. He recognized Mr. Lawhon, who made a brief presentation on the Agenda item being considered. Mr. Crumpacker then asked for a motion to name the new TWU Institute of Health Sciences Dallas Center the “T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences Dallas Center.” Such motion was made by Dr. Bevers, seconded by Mrs. Dykes, and unanimously passed by the Board.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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