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Minutes of the Meeting of February 20, 2009

The February 20, 2009 meeting of the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents was called to order at the appointed time and place by Mr. Harry Crumpacker, Board Chair and Presiding Officer. Present were Mr. Crumpacker, Mrs. Virginia Dykes, Mr. Mike McCullough, Dr. Cecilia Moreno, Ms. Scarlett Pope, Ms. Tegwin Pulley, and Mr. George Schrader, constituting a quorum.

There was no executive session.

The next item of business was the election of Officers of the Board. Mr. McCullough nominated Mr. Harry Crumpacker as Board Chair and Presiding Officer, which was seconded by Mrs. Dykes, and, there being no other nominations, he was unanimously elected. Mr. Crumpacker nominated Mr. Mike McCullough as Board Vice Chair and Assistant Presiding Officer, which was seconded by Dr. Moreno, and, there being no other nominations, he was unanimously elected. Mr. Crumpacker nominated Mr. John Lawhon, General Counsel, as Secretary to the Board, seconded by Mr. McCullough, and unanimously approved.

The Board considered approval of the minutes of the Board meeting of November 7, 2008 and of the teleconference meeting of January 16, 2009. Upon motion by Mr. McCullough and second by Ms. Pulley, these minutes were unanimously approved. Mr. Crumpacker noted that no registrations of public testimony items were received for this Board meeting.

Mr. Crumpacker called for consideration of the Finance and Audit Committee items. Mr. Schrader made a motion for approval of the personnel report (Exhibit 2031), the acceptance of grants (Exhibit 2032), and the contracts and agreements (Exhibit 2033). The motion was seconded by Mr. McCullough and unanimously approved. After motion by Ms. Pulley and second by Mr. McCullough, the Board voted unanimously for approval to increase the contract with F&S Partners for the new Fitness and Recreation Center Building from $820,245 to $1,274,750 for additional architectural services. A motion was made by Mr. McCullough for approval for the Vice President for Finance and Administration to enter into a contract in an amount not to exceed $35,600,000 with Austin Commercial for the construction of the Dallas Institute of Health Sciences Building at the Parkland Campus (Exhibit 2034), which was seconded by Ms. Pulley, and all voted in favor. Mr. Crumpacker congratulated Dr. Ann Stuart, Chancellor and President, on the hard work that has been invested in this project and stated that he looks forward to the new Dallas Parkland Campus. Dr. Stuart said that the new Dallas Parkland Campus will have equal excitement and quality as the Houston Campus.

Mr. Crumpacker then called for consideration of the Institutional Development Committee items. Mr. Schrader made a motion, seconded by Dr. Moreno, for acceptance of the gifts to TWU (Exhibit 2035). All voted in favor.

Next, Mr. Crumpacker called for Academic Affairs Committee items. Dr. Moreno made a motion for approval to offer the Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree in Reading as a Distance Education Program (Exhibit 2036). The motion was seconded by Ms. Pulley and unanimously approved. A motion was made by Mr. McCullough and seconded by Ms. Pulley for approval of codification of rules for Emergency Student Loans at TWU (Exhibit 2037). All voted in favor. Ms. Pulley made a motion for approval of a proposal to reduce the charge for undergraduate excess credit hours from the current $281 per semester credit hour to $35 per semester credit hour, effective Fall 2009 (Exhibit 2038), which motion was seconded by Mrs. Dykes and unanimously approved. Mr. Crumpacker noted that Agenda items VIII. D. and E. had been omitted.

Mr. Crumpacker called for consideration of Student Life Committee items. Mr. Schrader made a motion, seconded by Dr. Moreno, for approval of an increase in Board Rates as set out in the corresponding Exhibit 2039, effective Fall 2009. All voted in favor. A motion was made by Mr. McCullough and seconded by Dr. Moreno, and all voted unanimously in favor, for approval to expend an amount not to exceed $270,000 ($225,000 from Auxiliary Reserve Fund Balance and the remainder from Gift Funds) for renovations to the Hubbard Hall Southeast Dining Room.

Mr. Crumpacker asked that the Governor’s Seven Breakthrough Solutions’ item be removed from future agendas, since there has been no action to promote this program.

In the report from the Chancellor and President, Dr. Stuart stated that she had several items to share with the Board. She reminded the Regents that as they leave today’s meeting they can view the new TWU bus located in the street by the Visitor’s Parking Lot on Administration Drive, which is a “traveling billboard” promoting the University as students travel around the State to different events. Dr. Stuart announced that the Dallas Groundbreaking Event is scheduled at the TWU Presbyterian Campus during the June 5, 2009 Board of Regents meeting.

Regarding the FY 2009 legislative update, Dr. Stuart commented that the University is active at the Legislature, that the session is just beginning, and that her office will keep the Regents posted on the budget issues being discussed and the decisions being made and how they relate to the University.

Next, Dr. Stuart commented that, as discussed during the last Board meeting, efforts are being made to market the University as a “decade of achievement” and to publicize the different “areas of distinction” within the University. Dr. Stuart then distributed a brochure entitled, “Texas Woman’s University, Education that Works” and stated that this brochure celebrates our students, demonstrating that “students earn degrees that work for themselves, their families, and their Texas communities.” She commended Ms. Carolyn Barnes, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, and Ms. Amanda Simpson, Director of News and Information, for their efforts in developing this brochure.

Dr. Stuart noted that The Woodrow Wilson Awards Video: T. Boone Pickens was viewed earlier in the meeting. She then presented gifts to Ms. Tegwin Pulley and Ms. Scarlett Pope and thanked them for their outstanding service as members of the Board of Regents.

In conclusion, Dr. Stuart stated that we will take publicity from anywhere we can and referred to The Texas Aggie Magazine sent by Dr. Lou Rodenberger that featured an article bragging about their president’s induction into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame and which mentioned that the ceremony takes place at TWU and that the Exhibit is located in Hubbard Hall on the Denton Campus.

In the report from the Board Chair, Mr. Crumpacker noted that the Regents have been informed through the legislative reports that the State is switching from a formula funding system to a cost-based formula funding system, which is the major source of TWU’s state appropriation. He stated that information will be provided to the Regents regarding the impact on the University and on other institutions of higher education in Texas. Mr. Crumpacker asked Regents to volunteer and to participate in TWU’s legislative outreach, adding that Regents will be contacted at a later date.

Prior to conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Crumpacker commented that, as Ms. Pope, Ms. Pulley, and Dr. William Fleming cycle off the Board, new members will be present at the next Board meeting. He stated that the new Regents will be an outstanding addition to the Board. Mr. Crumpacker thanked Ms. Pulley for ably serving as the Vice Chair and Assistant Presiding Officer of the Board. He also expressed that the University is lucky to have had Dr. Fleming, who is a gifted physician and leader in the medical community, serve on our Board. He expressed thanks for Dr. Fleming’s service on the Board and wished him well as the Texas Medical Association’s president-elect for next year.

There being no other business, the meeting concluded.  

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