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Minutes of the Meeting of August 17, 2012

The August 17, 2012 meeting of the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents was called to order at the appointed time and place by Mr. Mike McCullough, Board Chair and Presiding Officer. Present were Mr. McCullough, Mrs. Sue Bancroft, Ms. Adriana Blanco, Mrs. Debbie Gibson, Dr. Ann Scanlon McGinity, Dr. Cecilia Moreno, and Mrs. Mary Wilson, constituting a quorum.

There was no executive session.

Next, Mr. McCullough called upon Chief John Erwin, Director of Public Safety, who introduced Lieutenant Elizabeth Pauley as the new “Chief.” He stated that, upon his retirement at the end of the month, Lt. Pauley will step into this position, adding that she is highly qualified, having served TWU in several positions within the Department for 13 years, and that this will be a positive change for the University.

Mr. McCullough announced that the Board would have lunch at this time. Lunch was provided to the Board of Regents at the University House at 610 East University Drive, Denton, Texas, which was followed by tours of the University House and the Gertrude Gibson Guest House at 1819 Bell Avenue, Denton, Texas.The Board, having returned to the Board Room in ACT, next considered approval of the minutes of the Board workshop and meeting of June 1, 2012. Upon motion by Dr. Moreno and second by Mrs. Gibson, these minutes were unanimously approved.

Mr. McCullough noted that no registrations of public testimony items were received for this Board meeting.

Mr. McCullough then called for the Finance and Audit Committee items. Mrs. Bancroft made a motion for approval of the personnel report (Exhibit 2184), the acceptance of grants (Exhibit 2185), and the contracts and agreements (Exhibit 2186). The motion was seconded by Dr. Scanlon McGinity and all voted in favor. A motion was made by Mrs. Gibson for approval of the FY 2013 Budget as presented to the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board of Regents on Friday, August 10, 2012, which was seconded by Mrs. Wilson and unanimously approved (Exhibit 2187). A motion was made by Mrs. Bancroft, seconded by Dr. Scanlon McGinity, and all voted in favor, for approval to distribute an amount equal to four (4) percent of the University Endowment Corpus, which is approximately $424,000 to the TWU Endowment Distribution Accounts, this money to come from investment earnings and/or from Board Designated Tuition. After motion by Mrs. Gibson and second by Dr. Scanlon McGinity, the Board voted unanimously for approval of the TWU Investment Policy (Exhibit 2188). Mrs. Bancroft made a motion for approval of the TWU Endowment Investment and Distribution Policy, which motion was seconded by Dr. Scanlon McGinity and unanimously approved (Exhibit 2189). Mrs. Wilson made a motion for approval for the Vice President for Finance and Administration to enter into a contract with BBVA Compass to serve as the University’s depository bank for a period of three (3) years with two (2) one (1)-year extensions. The motion was seconded by Dr. Scanlon McGinity and all voted in favor. Mrs. Bancroft made a motion for approval of the FY 2013 Annual Audit Plan of the Office of Internal Audits (Exhibit 2190). The motion was seconded by Dr. Moreno and unanimously approved.

Mr. McCullough called for consideration of the Institutional Development Committee items. Mrs. Gibson made a motion, seconded by Dr. Scanlon McGinity, for acceptance of the gifts to TWU (Exhibit 2191). All voted in favor.

Mr. McCullough next called for consideration of Academic Affairs Committee items. After motion by Dr. Scanlon McGinity and second by Mrs. Wilson, the Board voted unanimously for approval to eliminate the Course Fee and Distance Education Fee and to implement the Program Fee and Instructional Enhancement Fee at the rates shown in Exhibit 2192, to be effective Spring 2013. Next, Dr. Moreno made a motion to authorize the Provost to delegate signatory authority for adjunct faculty appointment letters to the deans. The motion was seconded by Dr. Scanlon McGinity and all voted in favor.

Mr. McCullough called for consideration of Student Life Committee items. After motion by Dr. Scanlon McGinity and second by Mrs. Gibson, the Board voted unanimously for approval to seek permission from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to charge nonresident tuition of $198 per semester credit hour for undergraduate students residing in Oklahoma, this being in the best interest of Texas Woman's University and not causing unreasonable harm to any other institution, and if the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board permission is granted the tuition rate would be effective Fall 2012 (Exhibit 2193).

In the report from the Chancellor and President, Dr. Ann Stuart began with the Alumni Relations Report, stating that a very collegial process was undertaken in assimilating the Former Students Association (FSA) and the Alumni Relations Office in an effort to become more aligned with the University. She said that considerations were taken into account to make FSA a chartered group, an independent group, or another way. Dr. Stuart then recognized Dr. Patricia Edwards as this year’s President of FSA and her guest, Ms. Mickey Faust, Membership Chair of FSA. She noted that, to her relief and joy, FSA agreed to become a charter group of the University, becoming a partnership; that this year is going to be a year of transition; and that this effort is part of the University Alumni Relations Strategic Plan. She then called upon Dr. Edwards, who addressed the Board and stated that the FSA Task Force on Reorganization was a committed group that met several times during the Summer and spent approximately 400 hours gathering and reviewing information and analyzing data as they made a sound recommendation to the FSA Board. Dr. Edwards stated that she was happy to inform the Regents that the FSA Board voted to become a Charter group and thanked the Board for the opportunity to present today. Dr. Stuart thanked Dr. Edwards for her report.

Dr. Stuart then reminded the Regents how Dr. Keith McFarland, former president of Texas A&M University – Commerce, “moaned and groaned” when TWU begged him to come out of retirement to serve as Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. She added that, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dr. McFarland will now serve as interim president of Texas A&M University at Texarkana.

Next, Dr. Stuart thanked Facilities Management for the beautiful work in the renovation of the Board Room. She informed the Regents that the art around the room continues to be that of current students, faculty, or alumni, adding that plaques accompany each of the art pieces. Dr. Stuart also acknowledged the Library for the displays in the room, which are rich with history, both about the University and globally, making students and faculty aware of globalization and also being fun.

Dr. Stuart showed the Regents and commented on a TWU brochure entitled, education that WORKS, that featured Student Regent Blanco on the cover.

Dr. Stuart then informed the Board that retired Air Force Major General Mary Saunders, Executive Director of the TWU Leadership Institute, will be inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame. Mary, she said, is one of five women named as the 2012 inductees by the Texas Governor’s Commission for Women. Dr. Stuart stated that there is a wonderful editorial in the Denton Record Chronicle, which is a lovely tribute not only to Mary’s service but also as a role model for us all. She invited the Regents to attend the ceremony, which is hosted by TWU, and added that the Governor’s Commission for Women chose TWU as the permanent exhibit for the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame.

Best of all, Dr. Stuart announced that she and Dr. Richard Nicholas, Vice President for Student Life, have been working with The Terry Foundation, a Houston-based organization, in an effort to obtain a partnership. As of this morning, during a meeting with representatives of the Foundation, she said that they voted unanimously to accept TWU as a recipient for scholarship monies to benefit 16 students beginning the Fall 2013. Dr. Stuart then read the letter from the Foundation and called upon Dr. Nicholas to elaborate. Dr. Nicholas said that The Terry Foundation has had partnerships with several other Texas universities, beginning with such universities as The University of Texas and Texas A& M University, for many years and has made many gifts to universities. Its mission now, he noted, is to help students by providing scholarship to assist outstanding Texas high school graduates to obtain an undergraduate degree by providing four-year scholarships and to expand its partnerships, adding that TWU will join eight other universities to form partnerships with the Foundation. Dr. Nicholas said that 33 students from TWU were nominees for these full-ride scholarships and that 16 were selected. He commented that a living learning community, such as NET (Neighbors Educated Together), may be provided in the residence halls, noting that a housing committee has been discussing this possibility since by senior year approximately 64 Terry Foundation scholarship recipients will be on campus. Dr. Nicholas stated that The Terry Foundation Program is not just providing scholarship money, but also money to establish a plan to select nominees, including an interview process. He informed the Regents that Mr. Gary Ray, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services, is inviting top-notch students early by adding an evening event to let students know about this program. Dr. Stuart said that this partnership is another milestone for TWU and that it further marks the reputation of the University.

As he brought the meeting to a close, Mr. McCullough thanked everyone for the wonderful presentations during today’s meeting, thanked the Regents for their attendance, and stated that the next meeting will be in November.

There being no other business, the meeting concluded.

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