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Completion of the MEd in Reading degree from TWU will prepare you for certification as a K-12 Reading Specialist. So what does a Reading Specialist do?

Reading specialists are teachers who have advanced training in reading and writing education. Reading Specialists work in schools to ensure that children get the literacy instruction they need and that literacy programs are effective in meeting studentsí needs.

As a reading specialist you might

  • work with lead teachers to assess students' abilities and create a reading curriculum
  • serve as a mentor †teacher who helps colleagues improve the quality of reading instruction for students from kindergarten through 12th grade
  • advise school administrators regarding school wide and district wide literacy programs
  • provide specialized education to students who are struggling with reading or writing
  • work with children in elementary, middle and high school
  • teach illiterate adults

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (, job opportunities for instructional coordinators who specialize in reading should be favorable in the coming years. The BLS projects an employment increase of 23% between 2008-2018. This jumps reflects the need for teachers with specialized knowledge in meeting new standards in education.

In 2011, listed salaries of $38,634-$59,521 as the middle half of the range for reading specialists.

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