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Master's Degrees

The Department of Reading offers Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) and Master of Arts (M.A.) degrees in  Reading Education. The master’s programs in reading prepare educators who:

  • Connect theory, research and practice to create responsive environments for diverse learners.
  • Engage in critical inquiry of theory, research and practice
  • Demonstrate leadership in the field of literacy.
  • Construct and maintain partnerships with students, colleagues, administrators, and communities.
  • Blended delivery.

Programs and courses at the Master’s level are designed to:

  • Allow students to add specialized certifications (Master Reading Teacher and All-Level Reading Specialist)
  • Provide specialized training for Reading Recovery teachers, teacher leaders, and trainers of teachers
  • Provide professional development for in-service teachers
  • Develop leadership skills for educators
  • Encourage effective teaching practices at all levels

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General Requirements for All Master's Degrees:

Total Hours Required: 36-39 hours, including 6 hours for thesis (M.A.), or 3 hours for seminar in literacy research with professional portfolio (M.Ed.).

Major: 27-30 hours
Children's literature: 3 hours
Focus area: 6 hours, subject to advisor's approval

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Certification and Specialized Training Programs

The department offers coursework leading to certification or specialized training. These certificates may be developed along with most master's and doctoral degrees in the department (subject to department and graduate school approval).

Reading Specialist Certificate

Students who successfully complete the master's degree have the option to apply for an All-Level Reading Specialist Certificate. Prerequisites for the certificate include:

  • Elementary, secondary, or all-level certificate
  • Two years full-time classroom teaching experience in a public or accredited private school
  • Completed Master's degree in Reading*
  • Successful (passing) completion of Reading Specialist TExES

*Students holding a Master's degree in education (e.g. Elementary Education, Curriculum and Instruction) may take the five courses required for the Master Reading Teacher certification.

Students who successfully complete the All-Level Reading Specialist TExES exam can apply for Master Reading Teacher Certification without taking an additional TExES test.

Master Reading Teacher Certificate

A Master Reading Teacher is an individual who holds a Master Reading Teacher Certificate and whose primary duties are to teach reading and to serve as a reading mentor to other teachers (House Bill 2307).

Prerequisites for certificate:

  • Elementary, secondary, or all-level certificate
  • Three years full-time classroom teaching experience in a publice or accredited private school
  • Successful (passing) completion of Master Reading Teacher exam

Courses (or equivalent) required for Master Reading Teacher Certification:

READ 5423   Literacy: Practice to Theory OR
READ 5533   Foundations of Early Literacy
READ 5443   Literacy Assessment and Instruction OR
READ 5473   Early Detection in Reading ( Reading Recovery Teachers)
READ 5523   Supervision in the Teaching of Reading OR
READ 6663   Practicum (Reading Recovery teacher leaders)
READ 5503  Phonological/Orthographic Language Systems in Literacy Learning
READ 5513   Reading for Diverse Learners

Total: 15 semester hours 

Other Certificates

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