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Beginning each spring, Texas Woman’s University will offer a MEd in Reading at the Collin Higher Education Center. This provides a convenient option for students in the McKinney/Allen/Plano area. During the Fall and Spring semesters, most classes on at the CHEC campus are taught one night per week from 5:30-8:20 p.m. Summer courses may be offered with different day/time options. Students may also choose to enroll in a combination of CHEC, blended and Denton campus classes.

The following chart outlines the course rotation for the Collin Higher Education Center. 


Reading Courses

Focus/Child Lit.

Spring 1*

READ 5423

Literacy: Practice to Theory





2 Focus Area Courses



1 Children’s Literature course





Summer 1

READ 5443

Literacy Assessment and


READ 5513

Literacy and the Diverse Learner

Fall 2

READ 5503

Phono / Ortho Systems in Literacy Learning


Spring 2

Required mid-program conference with advisor


Spring 2

READ 5453

Processes & Strategies for Comprehending Texts



Summer 2

READ 5463

Practicum  in Literacy:  Analysis of

Teaching and Mentoring

READ 5493

Research in Literacy: Responsive Action in Schools

Fall 2

READ 5523

Supervision in the Teaching of Reading


Spring 3

READ 5963

Seminar  in Literacy Research and

Portfolio Presentations


*Students interested in beginning their program in the Fall or Summer semester, please contact the Department of Reading for options. 


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