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Alpha Upsilon Alpha Honor Society

Alpha Upsilon Alpha Logo

Alpha Upsilon Alpha, the honor society of the International Reading Association, has as its purpose the recognition and encouragement of scholarship, the development of personal and professional leadership qualities, and service to the field of reading-with special emphasis at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Established in 1985, the honor society derives its name from the Greek words Anagnosis (reading), Upotrophia (scholarship), and Archon (leadership).

The International Reading Association is uniquely qualified to recognize scholarship and to stimulate interest in the field of reading education through the sponsorship of an honor society.  The honor society is but one of the many ways the Association recognizes and rewards excellence and significant contributions to the professions.

“Lege sapere aude”-Read, dare to be wise.

The Eta Rho chapter of Alpha Upsilon Alpha was established in April of 2012.  Dr. Pat Watson was the founding chapter advisor, she still serves the organization in this capacity.

Membership Benefits

Alpha Upsilon Alpha, the honor society in the field of reading/language arts, has as its primary mission the recognition of scholarship.  Through the membership in the society, individuals are acknowledged as having excelled in their academic preparation.  Further, the honor society acknowledges and fosters leadership and service to the profession. 

Through membership in the honor society, undergraduate and graduate students will recognize the importance of professional commitment and be introduced to one of the primary resources in the field of reading/language arts - membership in the International Reading Association.

Membership in the Honor Society

An individual may become a member of the honor society by applying to or being nominated by the screening committee of an Alpha Upsilon Alpha chapter.  Members of the profession residing in an area not served by a chapter of the society or who graduated from an institution not having a chapter may apply directly to the Alpha Upsilon Alpha Steering Committee.  There are five membership categories:  undergraduate, graduate, faculty, professional, and honorary.

Eta Rho Chapter Admission Guidelines

Undergraduate Students

  • Four (4) semesters of undergraduate studies
  • 3.5 GPA in all education courses
  • Completion of at least one reading course

Graduate Students

  • Major field must be Reading, English, Language Arts, or related field
  • Completion of at least ½ the coursework for advanced degree (at least nine (9) semester hours in reading or related areas at the graduate level)
  • 3.5 GPA overall and in area of concentration

Membership in Alpha Upsilon Alpha, Eta Rho requires yearly dues ($12-15) and an annual membership in the International Reading Association (Basic - $24).

Please return your completed new member application to Holly Duhon in MCL 907
After the first year, yearly dues are due on April 30th.  Please click on the PayPal button below to pay your dues.


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