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Reading Recovery Training Details

  • Training utilizes a three-tiered approach that includes teachers, teacher leaders, and university trainers.
  • Professional development for teachers and teacher leaders begins with year-long graduate level study and is followed by ongoing training in succeeding years.
  • In Reading Recovery®, teachers develop observational skills and a repertoire of intervention strategies tailored to meet the individual needs of at-risk students.

Teacher Leader Training

Teacher leaders are selected by their districts for the local leadership role in Reading Recovery® training and implementation.

Teacher leaders’ training involves one year of graduate level study at TWU. During that year, they will:

  • Teach four children daily
  • Study theories related to literacy acquisition
  • Learn Reading Recovery® procedures
  • Engage in field activities with experienced teacher leaders
  • Examine implementation issues
  • After training, these leaders return to their home districts and train Reading Recovery® teachers.

Teacher Training

In order to implement Reading Recovery® in districts/sites, qualified teachers enroll in a year-long academic course taught by a teacher leader trained at TWU.

Teachers learn how to implement all components of a Reading Recovery® lesson and select teaching procedures that will facilitate accelerated learning.
Teachers in training continue to work full time in their school districts. Teachers commonly spend a half day teaching Reading Recovery® students and the other half performing other assigned duties.

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