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Administrator FAQs

What is the cost of Reading Recovery®?
Because teacher salary schedules and school operating expenses vary across districts and regions of the country, each school must calculate its own start-up and ongoing expenses. A document published by the Reading Recovery® Council of North America discusses the following cost considerations.

Districts generally report costs per child that range between $2,300 and $3,500. The investment reduces the number of children who need ongoing, expensive services. Because a large number of initially low achievers respond quickly and require only a short-term intervention, the resources saved can be used to support the small percentage who need longer-term help.

Does Reading Recovery® change the school system?
Reading Recovery® was not designed to take the place of a comprehensive plan for literacy, but to provide a safety net within a comprehensive literacy plan. However, many educators in the United States have discovered that Reading Recovery® becomes a catalyst to identify and make needed changes. For example in one school district, classroom teachers (not Reading Recovery® teachers) reported changes in their own practices- assessing children, choosing books appropriately, focusing on strengths, and teaching with higher expectations.

Is Reading Recovery® a private business?
Reading Recovery® is not an independent business venture; it is a not-for-profit intervention that involves collaboration among schools, districts, and universities. The purpose of the trademark is to protect the quality and integrity of Reading Recovery® across multiple implementation sites. Use of the trademark is granted annually royalty-free to sites that meet quality standards. 

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