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Amy Coughran

Amy CoughranMy name is Amy Coughran, and I am a 4th year teacher of 1st grade at Parkwood Elementary in Deer Park ISD. I teach in a 1st grade classroom for half of a day, and I teach 4 Reading Recovery students for the other half of my day. My district uses Reading Recovery to reach those hard to reach/teach first graders. We take the lowest readers in first grade, and we give them tools to be successful readers and writers in their classrooms. I work with 4 students a day for Reading Recovery; however, I do find that the techniques and teaching strategies I’m learning carry over into my regular classroom teaching as well! Reading Recovery is an amazing program that helps struggling readers feel proud and successful. It really impacts their outlook on reading and school, and it sets them up for a future of academic success.

Amy Cox

Amy CoxMy name is Amy Cox, and I am a Reading Recovery teacher trainee at Wolfe City Elementary in Wolfe City, Texas. I have taught Kindergarten and First Grade for the past 12 years. This is my first year to be the Title One Reading Specialist. I serve Reading Recovery students, along with Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade At-Risk students.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate in the i3 Grant.

Aimee Friesenhahn

Amy FriesenhahnMy name is Aimee Friesenhahn, and I am a Reading Recovery trainee at Wedgeworth Elementary School in Waxahachie, Texas. This is my third year at Wedgeworth ES, but my first two years here I taught first grade. Prior to that, I taught first grade for three years in Northside ISD in San Antonio, Texas. All of my teaching experience is with first grade.

I recently graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in May of 2011 with my Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis on Literacy. I am currently studying to take my Reading Specialist certification exam. After my graduation I was thrilled when my principal offered me a Reading Recovery position! Teaching reading is my passion and I am ecstatic to teach a program for our most at-risk readers. This year I will be working with my four Reading Recovery students as well as three first grade and two second grade literacy groups each day. I am also our campus Volunteer Coordinator, UIL co-Coordinator, and Partner’s In Education representative.

Amarisa Fuentes

Amarisa FuentesMy name is Amarisa Fuentes. This is my fourth year in Eagle Mountain – Saginaw ISD  teaching at Elkins Elementary. I am a Reading Recovery and First Grade Teacher. I work with four struggling first graders and then go back into my classroom and teach my personal students. This is the first year my district has implemented Reading Recovery, so it has been a learning experience for everybody.

Over the past few weeks, I have seen such a change in my students. They came to me knowing only a few words and now they are reading and taking risks without fear of failure. One parent told me he had never seen his child make so much progress in a short amount of time. Tears came to his eyes as he watched his son read a book for the first time. Reading Recovery is an intense intervention that allows struggling students to begin with what they know and use that as a launching pad to fluent reading and writing.

Becky Lynn

Becky LynnMy name is Becky Lynn, and I am a Reading Recovery trainee at Northside Elementary in Waxahachie, Texas.  I have been a fourth grade teacher for 33 years, so this new journey is quite a departure from what I’ve done for most of my teaching career.  I am having many “ah-ha” moments in my training classes and in the 1:1 sessions and literacy groups I see each day.  I also have some 3rd, 4th and 5th grade groups and my Reading Recovery training is helping me analyze and help the upper grade students who are struggling as well.  I am very grateful to be getting this invaluable training through the i3 Grant.  I am looking forward to my “new” career as a Reading Recovery teacher!  “Having the opportunity to help a struggling student get the acceleration he needs through Reading Recovery is an awesome responsibility and one I gladly accept!”

Ana Arriaza Neely

Ana Ariaza NeelyMy name is Ana Arriaza Neely. I have been a teacher at Northwest ISD for 15 years.  Presently, I am a STAR (Strategic Teaching for Academic Results) / Reading Recovery teacher for Justin Elementary.  As a STAR teacher I work with students struggling in reading and/or mathematics.  As a Reading Recovery teacher in training, I work with four students on a daily basis.  I am also the ESL Campus Coordinator.

I was previously trained in Reading Recovery, so when this opportunity presented itself I was thrilled. The positive and lasting impact Reading Recovery has on struggling readers is truly immeasurable. I am very fortunate to be an i3 Grant recipient!

Ana Peña

Ana PenaMy name is Ana Peña and I'm currently training to be a Reading Recovery teacher at Winnetka Elementary in Dallas ISD. This is my seventh year at my campus. I was a third grade bilingual teacher for four years and this is my third year as an Instructional Coach.

I've always been curious and intrigued by Reading Recovery. I remember at a staff development another instructional coach commented, “I thought I knew how to teach reading until I learned about Reading Recovery.” That resonated with me because I was a classroom teacher at the time, struggling to help third grade non-readers. I knew how to guide my students to read faster & fluently, but how do you reach those whose foundation isn’t there? I observed colleagues in lower grades, picking up advice and suggestions they would provide. Yet I knew that I was still missing something. I knew that we had to “catch” these students sooner or those same students would continue to struggle year after year.

Imagine my surprise (and delight) when my principal, Lourdes Garduño, forwarded an email last year from the divisional office inquiring if campuses would be interested in training one person on their campus for Reading Recovery. Months went by and no word. Then at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year, we received another email stating that we had a day to submit names for teacher training candidates! Fast forward all the emails, transcript deliveries, the university submission process and here I am.

Reading Recovery will serve Tier 3 RTI students in first grade that are struggling readers. At the moment, I am working with four first grade students. My responsibilities also include serving as the interim Testing Coordinator at my campus, while still assisting teachers to improve classroom instruction as an instructional coach.

I'm excited about being part of Reading Recovery at my campus and I feel fortunate that through this grant I will receive the training.

Aide Piña

Aide PinaHi, my name is Aide Piña. I am a Descubriendo la Lectura teacher for Lamar Consolidated School District. I am currently a Bilingual 1st grade teacher at Jackson Elementary. This is my second year teaching 1st grade. I have taught 3rd grade for 3 years and Kindergarten for one year. This is my first year as a Descubriendo la Lectura teacher.  I am currently teaching 4 students. These students have the privilege to have one on one teaching at their level. It is a great learning experience for me as well as my students.

Barbara Rice

Barb RiceMy name is Barbara Rice, and I am a Title 1 Reading Specialist, grades K-2, and a Reading Recovery teacher trainee at Westwood Elementary School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I have been a Reading Specialist in Oklahoma for four years. 

I moved here from Illinois, my home state. I began my career as a classroom teacher working as a Language Arts teacher in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades and later, fourth grade. After receiving my Masters degree in reading I became a Reading Specialist teaching Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Our district has just begun to adopt Reading Recovery this year. There are ten teachers in training and we have one teacher leader in training. This district hopes to keep adding new Reading Recovery teachers each year.

Although I have had many years of schooling in reading, and many year of experience teaching reading, Reading Recovery has helped me utilize my knowledge of reading in new ways. This program has provided a new paradigm for the way I teach reading. Seeing the progress my students are making on a daily basis has been very rewarding.

Angela Willson

Angela WilsonMy name is Angela Willson. I have 22 years teaching experience. I currently teach Title 1 Reading at Lone Oak Elementary in Lone Oak, TX. I have taught for Lone Oak I.S.D. 16 years. This is my eighth year teaching reading. My responsibilities include teaching kindergarten, third and fourth grade students to become fluent readers. I have also been involved in the testing process to help identify students who may have characteristics of dyslexia. This year I am currently participating in the Reading Recovery training, thanks to the i3 Grant. I am serving four students in Reading Recovery and approximately 22 students in Title 1 Reading. I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Gifted and Talented Endorsement, and History Certification.

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