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Felicity Cruz:

I have been aware of CQI for about 3 or 4 years now. It is a well-known resource among the people in the Family Sciences department. I have utilized its services as part of classwork, as part of GRA work, and most recently with dissertation work. CQI has so many valuable resources--hardware, software, information/publications/handouts, workshops, and researchers. I have had so much invaluable assistance over the years. CQI has both indirectly and directly helped improve my skills as a researcher. I am hoping that the CQI continues to provide services to the TWU community for a long time. The greatest strength of CQI is its staff who are highly knowledgeable and supportive and go well beyond the expected job requirements. I am very appreciative of CQI and what it has done for me in my journey as a graduate student.

Kathy Jack Lambert:

Oh my goodness! I have been so grateful for the Center, and for Dhrumil and Marlene for helping with my research this summer. The technical expertise, and methodological insights, not to mention friendliness have been incredible. We are so lucky to have such a resource!

Shilpashri Karbhari:

The professional and competent staff at the CQI have made it easier for me to navigate the dissertation process and more importantly my data.

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