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Beginning in the Fall of 2011 students wanting to enter the Psychology degree plan will have admission requirements that must be completed before becoming a Psychology major. These admission requirements are:
  • Completion of 45 hours with a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Completion of Introduction to General Psychology (PSY 1013), Developmental Psychology (PSY 1603), Professional Development in Psychology (PSY 2013) and Abnormal Psychology (PSY 2513) with a C or better,
  • Psychology GPA of 2.5 or better,
  • Completion of Elementary Analysis (MATH 1303) or higher, and
  • Completion of the Psychology Major Application Process

As an incoming student, you will start on the Pre-Psychology degree plan. This new degree plan assures that you have the opportunity to complete the above requirements within the first three semesters at TWU. Transfer students are also responsible for completing the admission requirements before entry into the Department of Psychology and Philosophy as a major can be achieved.

No later than 8 weeks prior to switching from a pre-psychology major to a psycholobgy major, click here to download undergraduate application.

All entering psychology majors must also complete and sign the Psychology Program Code of Professional Conduct statement and submit it with their application. Click here to download the Psychology Program Code of Professional Conduct statement.


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