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If you have questions about what carrer options are available to you with a degree in psychology, contact:

Mike Elias, Undergraduate Advisor

CFO 701   Phone: 940-898-2289   Email:


For those wishing to become licensed psychologists, the bachelor’s degree prepares them for entry into the necessary graduate programs for psychologists. While many students use the bachelor’s degree in psychology as a stepping off point to graduate school, the undergraduate degree also prepares students for immediate entry into many occupational fields. With courses in abnormal psychology, behavior management, psychological tests and measurements, learning, developmental psychology, and social psychology, the bachelor’s degree unquestionably prepares students for jobs in the mental health and social services fields. However, training in the foundational areas of human behavioral and cognitive processes, scientific methodology, critical thinking, statistics, experimental design, and professional writing absolutely prepares students for a wide variety of other careers. Below is a link to occupational fields open to people with undergraduate degrees in psychology.

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