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Step-by-Step Guide to the Graduation Process

READ CAREFULLY! (Please make sure you complete all three steps in order to graduate) –

1. DEGREE AUDIT VERIFICATION (DARS VERIFICATION): Complete about one year prior to graduation.

Email and request an appointment to finalize your degree plan.

  • You will need to meet with the Mike Elias to finalize the plan and begin the signature process.
  • Please check your online DARS audit for accuracy. Contact ASAP if there are inaccuracies.
  • After you have filed your degree plan you must email if you make any changes to your course schedule.

In your email, be specific concerning the change that you have made.

If you take/do not take a course that was on your original degree plan, list the course that was originally on your degree plan as well as what has changed.

2. APPLY FOR GRADUATION THROUGH THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE (You are required to do this the semester before you graduate).

  • File for graduation with the registrar’s office and pay all fees.

The registrar’s office has very strict deadlines so please make sure that you check their dates to verify that you do not miss the deadline. Typically, the deadline for graduation is the 12th class day of each semester. See for additional information.

You must apply for graduation on-line through your pioneer portal account.

  • After signing in to your pioneer portal account, click the “My Tools” icon on the left task bar. Under the “Student Tools” menu, click “Apply for Graduation” and follow the steps.

3. DEPARTMENTAL SENIOR ASSESSMENTS (The semester you graduate except summer graduates who will complete this in the Spring)

Complete the departmental senior assessments. This will require you to attend mandatory sessions in order to complete the assessments as well as typically complete some online assessments.

  • We will contact all students who apply for graduation with the registrar through their portal mail account with information regarding the administration of these assessments.
  • Scheduling for these assessments will typically begin one month in advance of the assessment.
  • You will need to respond IMMEDIATELY to requests to schedule these assessments.


What happens if I have to delay my graduation?

If you find that you will not be graduating as you had planned (e.g., you applied for graduation in May but will actually be graduating in August), you must do the following:

  • Email with this change.
  • Submit to the registrar’s office a written request.
  • This letter must contain: name, colleague ID#; contact number, signature and what change you are requesting

You will need to contact the registrar’s office to obtain the deadline for these change requests. If you do not submit a change of graduate date by the deadline you will be required to reapply and pay a new application fee. Contact Registrar's Office before reapplying.

What happens if I plan to graduate in summer?

There is no graduation ceremony in the summer. If you would like to participate in the graduation ceremony, you will have to either participate in the ceremony held the preceding May or following December.

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