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Assistant Professor, Core Undergraduate Psychology Faculty

CFO #714 Office
940-898-2309  phone | 940-898-2301 fax | email:




Experimental Psychology – West Virginia University



Experimental Psychology - The College of William and Mary
Peace Psychology - Juniata College

Courses Taught
Undergraduate:  Applied Statistics, Experimental Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology

Graduate:  Social Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology   

Research Interests
Examining the role the behavioral immune system plays in the formation of: 1) prejudicial attitudes, 2) socially conservative value systems, 3) criminal attitudes and psychopathy, 4) interpersonal relationships, and 5) shame.

Recent Publications

  • Terrizzi, Jr., J. A., Shook, N. J., & McDaniel, M. (2013). The behavioral immune system and social conservatism: A meta-analysis. Evolution and Human Behavior.  
  • Clay, R., Terrizzi, Jr., J. A., Shook, N. J. (2012). Individual differences in behaviroal immune system and the emergence of cultural systems. Social Psychology, 43, 174-184.
  • Terrizzi, Jr., J. A., Shook, N. J., & Ventis, L. (2012). Religious conservatism: An evolutionary evoked disease-avoidance strategy. Religions, Brains, & Behavior, 2, 105-120.
  • Terrizzi, Jr., J. A., Shook, N. J., & Ventis, W. L. (2010). Disgust: A predictor of social conservatism and prejudicial attitudes toward honosexuals. Personality and Individual Differences, 49, 587-592.
  • Terrizzi, J. & Drews, D. (2005). Predicting attitudes toward Operation Iraqi Freedom. Psychological Reports, 96, 183-189.
  • Terrizzi, J. (2004). Predicting attitudes toward the Iraqi conflict: A path analysis. The Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies: Annual Report 2003-2004, 12-13.


  • 2011: Society for the Advancement of Psychology Research Award. Virginia Commonwealth University. 
  • 2010: Outstanding Research Award. Graduate Student Research Symposium, Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • 2007: Honorable Mention for Excellence in Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The College of William and Mary.

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