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Professor, Core Counseling Psychology Faculty

Office: CFO 809
Phone: 940-898-2314  Fax:| 940-898-2301 | email:




Counseling Psychology – University of Kansas



Counseling Psychology – University of Kansas



Business Administration (Major), Psychology (Minor) – University of Kansas

Courses Taught
Psychology of Violence, Trauma, and Abuse, Psychology of Women, Personality Assessment for Adults, Rorschach Administration and Interpretation, Clinical Practicum, Advanced Assessment Practicum, Relational Gestalt Therapy, Advanced Psychopathology, Abnormal Psychology, Counseling Theories, Professional Development in Psychology, Research Team, Supervised Field Work, Thesis, Professional Paper, Dissertation.

Research Interests

Relational Violence (i.e., domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking) and Traumatic Stress.

Recent Publications

  • Rubin, L. J. (in press). Radical notions: The integration of feminism and evolutionary psychology. Psychology of Women Quarterly [Review of the book, Evolution’s empress: Darwinian perspectives on the nature of women].
  • Rubin, L. J. (April 9, 2013). Stigma and mental illness in the aftermath of mass shootings. Al Jazeera.
  • Rubin, L. J. (February 14, 2013). To end rape, we need the f-word. Al Jazeera [reprinted on February 19, 2013 in Media With Conscience.].
  • Rubin, L. J. (2012). The complexity of women’s lives: Feminist and multicultural perspectives on women’s mental health. [Review of the four volume set of books, Women and mental disorders]. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 36, 377-378.
  • Rubin, L. J. (July 17, 2012). The masculinity police perpetuates gender pay gap. Huffington Post.
  • Rubin, L. J. (2011). Pink ribbon culture as a form of psychological denial. [Review of the book,  Pink ribbon blues]. Pink ribbon blues archives. Invited electronic publication.
  • Rubin, L. J. (2010). Battered woman syndrome. In I. Weiner & E. Craighead (Eds.) Corsini’s Encyclopedia of Psychology (4th ed.). John Wiley and Sons.
  • Rubin, L. J. (2008). Preventing violence against women and girls: Expanded perspectives.  [Review of the book, Violence and exploitation against women and girls]. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 32, 107-108.
  • Rubin, L. J. (2008). A critical interdisciplinary analysis of domestic violence intervention. [Review of the book, Listening to battered women: A survivor-centered approach to advocacy, mental health, and justice]. PsyCRITIQUE: American Psychological Association Contemporary Psychology Review of Books, 53 (8), Article 1.
  • Seamans, C. L., Rubin, L. J., & Stabb, S. D. (2007). Women domestic violence offenders: Lessons of violence and survival. Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, 8, 47-68.
  • Rubin, L. J. (2007). Domestic violence, dating violence, and sexual assault: What’s in a model? [Review of the book, “Intimate” violence against women: When spouses, partners, or lovers attack]. PsyCRITIQUE: American Psychological Association Contemporary Psychology Review of Books, 52 (29), Article 13.
  • Devdas, N. R., & Rubin, L. J. (2007). Rape myth acceptance among first- and second-generation South Asian American women.  Sex Roles, 56, 701-705.
  • Rubin, L. J. (2007). Teaching moments on post-traumatic stress disorder in families. [Review of the book, Finding my way: A teen’s guide to living with a parent who has experienced trauma]. Division of Trauma Psychology Newsletter.
  • Smith N. G., Rubin, L. J., & Stabb, S. D. (2006).  A model for a lesbian-, gay-, bisexual-, and transgender-affirming counseling psychology doctoral program: Texas Woman’s University. Society for Counseling Psychology Section for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Awareness Newsletter, 7, 9.


    • Grants to Reduce Violent Crimes Against Women on Campus (2008, 2006). U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women, Campus Program, $497,700.
    • Faculty Development Leave and Faculty Excellence Award (2002). Advanced residential training in Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy with the Gestalt Therapy Institute of the Pacific.
    • Faculty Development Leave Award (2000) Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, Milton H. Erickson Foundation.
    • Mary Mason Lyon Award for Distinguished Faculty (1998).    
    • Outstanding Graduate Teacher Award (1997).
    • Editorial Assistant, Trauma Psychology Newsletter (APA Division 56; 2007-2012).
    • Chair/Member, University Peer Review Committee for Tenure and Promotion (2005-2011).
    • Counseling Psychology Core Faculty Committee (1993-2011).
    • Affiliate Faculty, Women’s Studies Program (2008-2013).
    • Chair, Departmental Peer Review Committee (2007-2013).
    • Chair/Member, Departmental Scholarship Committee (2003-2012).
    • University Peer Review Committee for Tenure and Promotion (2005-2007, 2008-2009).
    • College of Arts and Sciences Steering Committee for Faculty Spotlight Series (2008-2009).
    • College of Arts and Sciences Mentor (2004, 2008).
    • Chair/Past Chair/Co-Chair, Institutional Review Board (1997-2005).
    • Book Reviewer, Trauma Psychology Newsletter (APA Division 56; 2007).
    • Editorial Board, Psychology of Women Quarterly (2004-2006).
    • Ad hoc Manuscript Reviewer: Journal of Counseling Psychology; Psychology of Women Quarterly; Sex Roles; and Trauma, Violence, & Abuse
    • Psychological Consultation on Traumatic Stress to: Regional Media Sources on Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001; Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Traumatic Stress among Second Generation Holocaust Survivors; Legal Counsel on Domestic Violence Cases; Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas on Suicide by Cop Project; Denton Independent School District following a faculty member’s suicide.
    • Psychological Consultation to Theatrical Productions (2004-2012)

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