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  • Elizabeth Aranda. The Experience of Diverse Faculty Who Provide Multicultural Education in Psychology
  • Laura Cowan. Feminist perceptions of evolutionary psychology: An empirical study         
  • Jeff Harris. Desire and intention to parent among gay men: Internalized heterosexism and locus of control                                                     
  • Erin Schrader.  Sexual Esteem, Perceptions of Pregnancy, and Maternal Confidence in Women with and without Physical Disabilities


  • Heather Atkison. Restrictive Emotionality, Father-Son Affectionate Communication, and Suicidality in Adolescence: A Retrospective Investigation
  • Luke Belsky.  Does Weight Affect the Perception of Men’s Violence Against Women?
  • Drew Curtis.  Therapist's Reactions to Deception in Therapy
  • Summer Garcia A Content Analysis of Intimacy and Aggression in Pornographic Films: From 1990-2010
  • Stephany Mahaffey.  Attachment Theory, Attribution Theory and Bisexuality.
  • Sheila Pogge.  The Experience of Living with Chronic Illness: A Heuristic Study
  • Stacey Smith.  The Development and Validation of the Problematic Online Gaming Scale (POGS): An Analysis of Facebook Gamers


  • Keidy Ding. The Relationship between Feminist Identity and Resiliency in Women
  • Morgen Ellerbusch Juel. Use of Evidence-Based Practice Resources and Empirically Supported Treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among University Counseling Center Psychologists
  • Virginia Maril. Caring for a Loved One with Scleroderma: Experiences of Caregivers


  • Heather Weiner.  Heterosexual Mother's Experience of Mutuality and Quality of Marriage During the Transition to Parenthood
  • Nicole Roblyer. Multitheoretical Assessment with Integrative and Pure-Form Therapists: An Exploratory Study
  • Ticily Medley.  The Relationships between Ethnic Identity, Religious Identity, and Sexual Identity Labeling in Christian African Americans
  • Martha Bergen. Diverse Women Aging in America: Attitutes toward Menopause and Self-Objectification in Midlife and Beyond.
  • Ron Paul. Measuring Dimensions of Burnout Buffers Among Psychologists: An Exploratory Factor Analytic, Multitrait-Multimethod Study
  • Melvin Varghese. The Relationship Between Religious Support and Acculturative Stress in Second-Generation Asian Indian American Christians
  • Wendy Peterson Brown. Adult Attachment Style, Relationship Satisfaction, and Body Dissatisfaction
  • Shelley L. Long. The Relationship between Religiousness/Spirituality and Resilience in College Students
  • Larry C. Carter, III. Locus of Control, Internalized Heterosexism, Experiences of Prejudice, and the Psychological Adjustment of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Individuals
  • Ronald J. Paul. Measuring Dimensions of Burnout Buffers Among Psychologists: An Exploratory Factor Analytic Multitrait-Multimethod Study
  • Connie M. Siciliano Avila.  Fathers’ Attachment Styles and Father/Child Relationships by Partner and Caregiver Types


  • Tanya C. Farman. Should Women Fear Being Too Tall? A Study Examining the Experiences of Very Tall Women.
  • Michelle L. Nadeau. Deconstructing the Minds of Jurors: Beliefs about DNA Evidence and their Relation to Guilty Verdicts.
  • Neetha Devdas. Childhood Sexual Abuse Myth Acceptance among South Asian American Men and Women
  • Caroline M. Johanson. Health-related Behaviors and Specific Biopsychosocial Factors in Women with HIV/AIDS
  • Candice Vinson. Influence of Ethnic Identity and Perceived Discrimination on Male Gender Role Conflict’s Impact on Well-Being

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