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The future of the Department of Psychology and Philosophy depends, in part, on the financial support of alumni, parents, organizations, and other friends of the Department. There are a number of ways to give to the Department of Psychology and Philosophy, including scholarships for current students.

Scholarships (April 1st Deadline to apply - click on link to download application)

  • Dr. Karen A. Jackson Psychology Scholarship (application form.doc) - established for undergraduate psychology majors who are women with overall GPAs of at least 3.0 and Psychology GPAs of at least 3.5.
  • Dr. Brian W. Campbell Memorial Scholarship - for graduate students conducting research in Gay and Lesbian Studies. Contact Dr. Linda Rubin for more details on how to apply.
  • General Psychology Scholarships (application form.doc) - established by students, faculty, and staff of the Psychology and Philosophy Department to provide scholarships to students who are Psychology majors or Philosophy minors (minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0).

Click Here to make a credit donation to the General Psychology Scholarship Fund. Then in Step #3, click on the  "General Scholarship" button, and type "General Psychology Scholarship Fund" into the Comments box.

Discretionary Operating Funds

  • Friends of Psychology and Philosophy Fund - this is a discretionary fund that is used to pay for departmental activites that are not covered by state funds (e.g. taking faculty candidates out to dinner during their interview, providing snacks for student orientations, etc.). Donations to this fund are tax-deductible and are appreciated by the department.

Click Here to make a credit card donation to the Friends of Psychology and Philosophy Fund. Then in Step #3, please make sure to click on "a specific department or program" and then select "Friends of Psychology and Philosophy Fund" from the pull-down menu.


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