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  • Assistant Professor, Core Counseling Psychology Faculty

Office: CFO 807B
940-898-2312  phone | 940-898-2301 fax | email:




Counseling Psychology - Purdue University (APA Accredited)



Predoctoral Internship: University of South Carolina Counseling and Human Development Center  (APA Accredited)



Community Counseling - Ball State University (CACREP Accredited)

Courses Taught
Graduate: Advanced Psychopathology, Seminar in Vocational Psychology, Supervision of Supervision, Personality Assessment for Adults, and Ethics in Psychological Practice and Research, and Practicum.

Research Interests
Place attachment and resilency; Vocational psychology; Assessment development

Recent Publications

  • Fitch, J. C. (2010). My expanded belly gave life and meaning too. In M. Trotter-Mathison, J. M. Koch, S. Sanger, & T. M. Skovolt (Eds.). Voices from the field: Defining moments in counselor and therapist development (pp. 130-332). New York: Routledge.
  • Fitch, J. C., Pistole, M. C., & Gunn, J. E. (2010). The attachment-caregiving model of supervision. The Clinical Supervisor, 29, 30-34.
  • Haber, R. Marshall, D., Cowan, K., VanLandingham, A., Gerson, M., & Fitch, J. C. (2009). “Live” supervision of supervision: “Perpendicular” interventions in parallel process. The Clinical Supervisor, 28, 1-19.
  • Carleton-Parker, L. E., Fitch, J. C., & Krockover, G. H. (2008). An in-service teacher education program’s effect on teacher efficacy and attitudes. The Educational Forum, 72,46-62.
  • Perrone, K. M., Civiletto, C., Webb, M. K., & Fitch, J. C. (2004). Perceived barriers to attainment of family and career goals. International Journal of Stress, 11, 114-131.
  • Perrone, K. M., Gordon, P., Fitch, J. C., & Civiletto, C. (2003). The adult career concerns inventory: Development of a short form.  Journal of Employment Counseling, 40, 172-180.
  • Pistole, M. C., & Fitch, J. C. (2008). Attachment theory in supervision: A critical incident experience. Counselor Education and Supervision, 47, 193-205.


  • Research Support Committee
  • Counseling Psychology Program MA Admissions Coordinator
  • Federation of North Texas Universities, Member
  • Ad Hoc Manuscript Reviewer - Psychology of Women Quarterly 

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