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TWU is a public university that occupies a notable position in higher education as the nation’s largest university primarily for women. Facilities at TWU include multiple libraries, lab spaces, computer and recreation facilities, classrooms, studios, theatres, etc.

Financial Aid and Scholarship information is readily available at:
TWU provides a limited number of teaching and research assistantships for qualified graduate students. During the past few years, 12 to 16 assistantships have been awarded to graduate students in the Counseling Psychology program each semester and these positions have varied from 5 to 20 hours per week. 

Numerous additional student resources can be accessed via the Student Life homepage at:

Within the department, shared office space for graduate assistants is available. All have access to a computer and the voicemail system. Additionally a departmental computer is available for student use. A variety of software, such as Word, SPSS PC, LISERAL, and scoring programs for assessment instruments are maintained on this computer. The Department of Psychology and Philosophy maintains a test library to support teaching and research in assessment. New materials are purchased yearly to update the inventory, and protocols are purchased using student course fees. The library is staffed 10-20 hrs/week by a graduate assistant. Students are able to check out test kits required for class assignments, and the protocols for test kits are given to students enrolled in assessment classes or practica. A computer with printer is available in the test library and provides software for scoring a number of test instruments. The Test Library is located in HDB 301E. There is additional research, assessment, and laboratory space in the HDB 301 Suite.

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