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Welcome to the Professional Development Center (PDC).  We are proud to be a part of the College of Professional Education, and we celebrate our role as a university-wide program for practice-based field experiences.

Field experiences are placements in educational settings that provide TWU students with opportunities to observe and participate in teaching early childhood through grade 12 students. There are two types of field experience courses: practicum related and student teaching related.

Practica provide short-term placements in educational settings, experiences in which TWU students observe teaching and learning in schools, and provide short-term teaching under the direct supervision of a veteran teacher. Student teaching courses are longer-term experiences in which students teach full-time under the supervision of experienced teachers and are expected to become increasingly independent in their planning, classroom management, and instruction.

We invite you to explore this website and visit our Frequently Asked Questions link for more information.


Michelle Williams-Laing
Professional Development Center

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