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Transportation to and from duty point

A receipt showing proof of payment is required to seek reimbursement for all forms of transportation. Transportation expenses must be itemized on the Travel Voucher form.

Packaged Travel

When using travel services companies such as Travelocity or Expedia please use the following guidelines to ensure your maximum reimbursement:

  • Do NOT bundle any travel services regardless of destination. Do not book air, hotel and/or rental car on the same purchase.  These companies do not provide sufficiently detailed receipts to satisfy the State’s auditing requirements, and many times results in no reimbursement for the traveler..  
  • Do NOT book a hotel stay in Texas. These companies do not provide a breakdown of taxes and fees. As a tax exempt agency, we must be able to provide the State proof that no state taxes were paid. Any taxes or fees charged by travel service companies on hotel stays in Texas will NOT be reimbursed.

Rental Cars

University employees are required to use State contracted rental vehicles to ensure the lowest rates. 

Review comparison tables for all vendors' rates and other contract provisions.

Rental car arrangements should be made directly by the employee to ensure state rates and establish payment method. If employees do not use a contracted rental car agency, they must complete a Contract Travel Vendor Exception form.  

Be aware that insurance (CDW, LDW, etc.) is included in the State of Texas contract with all Enterprise locations and with most Avis locations. All additional insurance and products (such as GPS) should be declined unless the traveler is willing to pay for the expense. Charges associated with such items will not be reimbursed.

A state agency may reimburse a state employee for tolls paid when the employee travels in a personally owned or leased vehicle, rental vehicle, or state-owned or leased vehicle. A state agency may not reimburse a state employee for tolls paid if none of the mileage or rental cost is reimbursable. To obtain a copy of a toll charge receipt from a rented vehicle visit


Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • 1-866-398-5080
  • Texas State Rate Identifier for TWU:  TX731

Using the link provided above will take you directly to the TWU dedicated webpage. By booking through this link, you will be certain that you are receiving the contract rate and that all insurance coverage is already included in that rate.

Avis Rental Car System, Inc.

The State of Texas rate identifier for TWU:  F999731

After reviewing the following steps, log-on to "Avis" Web site.

  1. Enter rental date, time and location on "Avis" Web site.
  2. Enter your entity’s State of Texas rate identifier (F999731) under OPTIONAL INFO in the “Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) Number or Rate Code” block.
  3. Select “Continue”.
  4. Change the drop-down box near the top of the screen for “Available Rates” to your entity’s AWD number. This ensures you receive the State rate with the State’s insurance coverage.
  5. Select a car type, then click on “continue”. You will advance to the Rate Confirmation screen.
  6. DO NOT accept the optional coverage, Loss Damage Waiver and Additional Liability is built into the rate.
  7. Select "Continue," enter your name and e-mail address to receive an e-mail confirmation.
  8. Select the "Make Reservation" button and your car will be reserved.
  9. A confirmation page will appear with your reservation number.

Taxi, Bus or Limousine

Actual invoices are preferred not required, but expenses must be itemized on the Travel Voucher form. When sharing a taxi or limousine, only the employee who paid for the service may be reimbursed. 

Travel by Personal Vehicle

An employee traveling by personal vehicle must carry insurance as required by the State of Texas. An employee traveling in any non-University vehicle does so at his/her own risk. TWU accepts no responsibility for vehicle or other damage, personal injury, claims filing, vehicle repair, maintenance, insurance costs, towing or citations. Gas receipts for gas purchased for a personal vehicle will not be reimbursed. Gas expense is covered by mileage reimbursement.

Travelers should keep point to point odometer readings using the Mileage Log provided in the Forms and Instructions section of this website when claiming mileage for travel by personal vehicle. Mileage within five (5) miles of the traveler's Designated Headquarters is not reimbursable. Mileage will be reimbursed at a rate up to the current maximum rate of  54 cents/mile.  

Texas Woman's University is not required to reimburse employees at the maximum rate. Departments within TWU may specify a mileage reimbursement rate that is lower than the maximum allowable rate per mile under Texas Government Code Section 660.007(b). The department must notify affected individuals in writing about the lower rate before implementing it.

Mileage to an employee's designated headquarters is not reimbursable regardless of the time or day of travel. For instance, mileage to your headquarters on a Saturday will not be reimbursed.

Personal vehicle mileage may only be claimed in one of these ways:

o   Using actual odometer readings from the traveler’s vehicle if a mileage log is included or referenced on the Travel Voucher that includes dates of travel and point to point locations.

o   Using Google Maps internet mapping service specifically. No other internet mapping sites will be accepted. 

Travel to and from Residence

Mileage may be calculated from/to residence if the traveler:

  • Leaves his/her residence before working hours. Working hours are defined as 8a-5p Monday through Friday.
  • Leaves the duty point after working hours.
  • The residence is closer to the duty point than your headquarters.

The traveler must provide point-to-point mileage and business purpose for each trip by using either

  • Odometer readings entered on the Mileage Log.
  • Google Maps internet mapping service specifically. No other internet mapping site will be accepted.

Out-of-state Travel

When a personal vehicle is used for out-of-state travel, the employee must claim reimbursement based on the lesser of:

  • Reasonable expense of travel from headquarters to the nearest commercial airport plus round-trip contract airfare from the nearest airport to the out-of-state destination and reasonable parking expenses. This may include what the taxi or limousine fares would have been from the point of destination to the employee’s lodging and return had the employee traveled by plane. This should be figured using the Justification of Mileage vs. Airfare form
  • The actual out-of-state mileage at the current state rate per mile.

Employees Traveling Together

When multiple employees travel on the same date to the same place by personal vehicle, they are expected to share transportation. There should be at least four (4) persons to a car. Each passenger may submit a Travel Voucher to claim meals and lodging and must provide the name of the person who furnished transportation. Only the owner of the vehicle may claim mileage. No gas expenses will be reimbursed to any person in the car.  

Traveling by Air 

This section is applicable for TWU employees, prospective employees, or TWU students traveling for University sanctioned activities. Guest Lecturers or Performers airfare cannot be purchased using the Air Card. It is recommended that all airline arrangements be made using the Departmental Air Card. If a traveler chooses to purchase his/her own airfare, be aware that the cost of airfare will be reimbursed only after travel is completed.

The following process should occur before charges are made on the Air Card:

  1. The traveler completes an Air Travel Authorization form (ATA) requesting permission to fly using departmental funds.
  2. The traveler submits the ATA to the appropriate department head for approval.
  3. Upon approval, the ATA is given to the Air Card Administrator so that he/she can purchase the traveler’s airline ticket(s).

For complete guidelines and policies concerning booking air travel and using the Air Card, see the Air Card Policies and Procedures

If employees book airline reservations using online systems such as Expedia and Travelocity rather than the airline’s websites, the following should be considered:

  • All airlines may not be listed
  • Receipts may be provided by the online booking source rather than the airline vendor, which may not meet reimbursement requirements.
  • Transaction fees are incurred by the online booking source, which should be included when evaluating various booking methods for the lowest total cost.
  • Oftentimes, direct booking with an air carrier’s web portal such as, or, provides a lower total cost than sites with multiple carriers’ inventories.

Caution:  Any restricted fares may have non-reimbursable penalties associated with reservation changes or cancellations.

Contracted Airlines: Direct links to the state’s two contracted airline vendors are provided below. Comparing two or three airlines for the lowest available airline fares is recommended.

American Airlines

jetBlue Airlines

Contracted Travel Agencies 

Short's Travel Management

Online Booking Tool: 


Toll Free Number for Reservations: 1-888-846-6810

  • From Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm CST, the toll free number rings to Short's Travel Management.
  • From 5:00pm - 8:30am CST, in the case of a travel emergency, the toll free number will be transferred to Short's after hour's service. (Please note: there will be an additional charge of $15 per call.)

National Travel Systems

Online Booking Tool, tutorials and general information: 


Toll Free Numbers for Reservations: 1-800-542-0452 or 1-877-717-7768 or 1-800-891-9002

  • From Monday through Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm CST, the above toll free numbers ring to National Travel Systems.
  • From 5:30pm CST – 8:30am CST, the three above toll free numbers ring to the 24 Hour Emergency Service.


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