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The purchasing office has the following general responsibilities:
  • Procure all goods and services required by the University.
  • Determine the most appropriate and effective method of acquisition for each request for purchase.
  • Assure that best value in all procurements is obtained.
  • Abide by all TWU ethics policies.
  • Maintain a liaison with Texas Procurement and Support Services as needed on procurement matters.
  • Encourage truly competitive procurements while still satisfying the needs of the University.
  • Conduct all formal communications with vendors regarding purchases.
  • Maintain an accurate file of all purchases and related documents.
  • Approve all justifications for proprietary or sole-source specifications.
  • Comply with the University’s Historically Underutilized Business policy.
  • Provide assistance on procurement matters to all departments.
  • Provide vendors with tax exemption certificates.
  • Provide vendors with credit applications.

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