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Prospective Employees

Travel for prospective employees is governed by the same travel guidelines used for state employees. Exceptions are noted below:

  • Approval to travel (RTA) is not required.
  • Lodging may be purchased using a Purchase Order when using local funds.
  • All travel expenses pertaining to a prospective employee use the object code 7131 regardless of expense type (mileage, hotel, airfare, etc.) These expenses are to be reimbursed using a Travel Voucher after completion of the trip.
  • The prospective employee's full social security number must be submitted along with the Travel Voucher.

Registration Fees

Registration for conferences, seminars etc., are paid from Maintenance & Operation accounts, not from Travel. Itemize the registration fee as an incidental expense on the "Registration" line of the travel voucher.

  • Original receipts showing proof of payment must accompany the Travel Voucher when seeking reimbursement.
  • If registration was paid by personal check and no receipt was given, the traveler must provide a front and back copy of the cleared check from the bank.
  • Direct billing on the state issued procurement card (PCard) may be used to prepay registration fees and will not be itemized on the Travel Voucher form.


page last updated 2/9/2016 5:17 PM