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Procurement Services Staff

Coordinator, Procurement Card

Lori Cantrell

  • Reviews University policies related to the program and submits recommendations for approval
  • Issues card
  • Maintains documentation of PCard activities
  • Answers day to day questions
  • Enforces University and State of Texas policy compliance

Administrator, Procurement Card

Vanna Parr

  • Administration of the program
  • Establishes credit limits
  • Establishes University policies related to the program

Departmental Staff/Faculty

Account Approver/Manager

  • Designates Cardholders
  • Approves each Cardholder’s monthly documentation online
  • Monitors fund accounts used for PCard transactions
  • Insures that all employees issued a card understand the department budget constraints
  • Keeps abreast of rules and regulations that govern purchases
  • Alerts the Department Head or PCard Coordinator if fraud or abuse is suspected


  • Follows all PCard policies, procedures, rules and guidelines
  • Maintains the necessary documentation related to purchases made with the PCard, such as original detailed receipts for the current fiscal year and three previous years
  • Notifies Account Approver/Manager when reconciliation is complete and ready for approval electronically in GCMS
  • Keeps abreast of rules and regulations that govern purchases
  • In the event the card is lost or stolen, contacts Citibank immediately and then the PCard Coordinator
  • Contacts the PCard Coordinator about a change of department or employment status
  • Notifies the PCard Coordinator when new 19 account starts and when an existing account closes

Citibank Customer Service 

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Assists the cardholder with general questions about the PCard account
  • If a PCard is lost or stolen, Citibank Customer Service should be notified immediately at 1-800-248-4553 and the Procurement Card Coordinator should be advised of action taken.
  • Prompt, immediate action can reduce our liability of fraudulent activity.  Remember, Texas Woman’s University is financially responsible for all charges made on the card until it has been cancelled.

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