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PhD Program Info

The PhD program at TWU is designed to develop future educators and clinical researchers. It emphasizes the scientific basis of clinical practice and allows each student an opportunity to work closely with a mentor in their area of clinical interest. More about “PhD Program Info”...

Doctoral Characteristics

18 Doctoral Characteristics


The schedule of classes identifies the courses being offered from 2016-2021 on both the Houston and Dallas campuses. Please use the TWU Academic Calendar as your guide for pre-registering in a timely manner. Spring registration begins November 1st. Summer and Fall registration begins April 1st.


Requirements for the PhD Program in Physical Therapy

In addition to the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School, prospective doctoral students also must meet the following specific requirements of the School of Physical Therapy:

  • A physical therapist from a nationally accredited program or equivalent 
  • A minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 system
  • A license to practice physical therapy in the United States or a minimum of 24 months of full time clinical practice is preferred
  • A basic course in statistics within the last 10 years is preferred
  • GRE scores are preferred, but not required
  • International students must follow the TOEFL requirements.  School of Physical Therapy recommends TOEFL scores of at least 24 writing, 26 speaking, 21 reading comprehension, and 18 listening comprehension. 

Application Procedure for the PhD Program in Physical Therapy

  1. Submit on-line application for Graduate Admission with appropriate application fee.
  2. Present official transcripts from each university or college attended with degree earned indicated on the transcript.
  3. Download and use the cover sheet for the materials below. PDF format  or Word format.
    Submit these materials to Mary Beth Daugherty, TWU School of Physical Therapy, PO Box 425766, Denton, TX 76204-5766
    1. Two letters of recommendation, preferably including one from the last employer and one from the last school attended.
    2. A statement indicating educational objectives and focus of professional and research interests. Include an evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses.
    3. A current resume or Curriculum Vitae.
    4. A current copy of a license to practice physical therapy in Texas.
    5. Indicate campus preference
  4. Once application is complete, it will be reviewed by the campus Admission's Committee
  5. PhD Coordinator will notify applicant if a phone interview is warranted

The Post-Professional Committee will consider applications from students having recently completed or who are currently enrolled in entry-level education programs in physical therapy.

For further information, contact:
     Dr. Katy Mitchell, Houston campus:
     Dr. Mary Thompson, Dallas campus:

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