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Info Sessions for Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program

Attend one of our monthly DPT info sessions at the TWU Dallas or TWU Houston centers and learn more about the program. The next sessions:

About the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program

  • The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Texas Woman’s University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; telephone: 703-706-3245; e-mail:; website:    
  • The entry-level DPT program is granted accreditation until June 30, 2022 by the Commission for Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), following an exemplary review in 2012. 
  • Average Graduation rate for the last three classes was 94%, with the Licensure Examination pass rate of 100% in 2012 for both Dallas and Houston, 100% pass rate in Dallas for 2013 and 98% pass rate in Houston for 2013. The pass rate for 2014 is 100% for Dallas and 100% for Houston. The Employment rate for our graduates is 100%. 
  • Average Acceptance rate of qualified applicants over the past 3 years was 50%, while the Matriculation rate during that same period was 55% (see attached tables for details). 
  • Our accredited program has a 40+ year history of graduating excellent physical therapists
  • The entry-level DPT program lasts for 33 months (See attached Degree Plan) and costs approximately $33,000 for In-state students and $67,000 for Out-of-state students (See attached Tuition and Fees document for a semester by semester breakdown) Tuition Estimator can be found on the Bursar's website.
  • Academic and clinical classes are integrated throughout the program.
  • We have the only program in the country that offers a DPT to PhD Fast Track option
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty provides a wealth of learning opportunities.   
  • Apply for acceptance to either Dallas or Houston campuses through a single application process.
  • For admission or prerequisite questions, contact Mary Beth Daugherty by email: or or by phone:  940-898-2460

Course Requirements (Prerequisites)

Baccalaureate degree in any major must be completed with a minimum GPA for the last 60 credit semester hours courses of 3.0 at the time of application and maintained prior to the beginning the DPT program. Note exception below for Human Biology, Kinesiology and Psychology fast track students at TWU. If you are attending another university for your undergraduate education, be sure you and your advisor are familiar with TWU’s requirements for admission. The whole semester where 59-60 credits falls is included. All schools are included in chronological order. You must have successfully completed (mostly A’s and B’s) these prerequisites:

  • Chemistry with laboratory;  Two (2) semesters (8 credit hours) 
    • Chemistry for non-science majors is Not accepted
  • Physics with laboratory (algebra -based is acceptable / calculus-based);  Two (2) semesters (8 credit hours) 
    • Physics for non-science majors is Not accepted
  • Anatomy and Physiology with laboratory;  Two (2) semesters (8 credit hours)
  • College Algebra ; One (1) semester ; trigonometry, pre-calculus or calculus will be accepted (Not Statistics)
  • Psychology (6 credit hours) -including General or Intro Psychology (3 credit hours) and one of the following: Lifespan Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology or Physiological Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • Medical Terminology

Strongly Recommended:
    Exercise Physiology
    Statistics (3 credit hours)
    Advance Physiology
    Neuro Anatomy / Physiology

Students who are able to take and pass these courses are considered better prepared for the professional DPT program and this will be recognized in the admissions scoring process.


Application Requirements / Procedures

  • Apply to TWU is the link to use the online and state-wide application form for Graduate studies [$50.00 application fee for most students; $75.00 fee for International Students] 
  • Instructions for application:

    1.  Graduate Application
    2. Select spring 2016 (choose this option if applying for the Sept 1st deadline) OR wait until around Sept 15 when the fall 2016 option is available (this application is not user friendly to our program)
    3. Major: Physical Therapy Entry DPT  NOT Post-Professional  (Select your first choice campus)
    4. Degree seeking : Doctoral
    5. Ultimate Degree: Doctoral
    6. Enter Education information.  List all community colleges and universities attended (including high school dual credit). Also, project your course work in future semesters.  If you add any coursework after submitting the transcript, contact Student Records  to update/correct your application.
    7. Enter test scores.
    8. Enter residency information.
    9. Enter employment and references. (recommendation forms must be submit separately, see instructions below)
    10. Payment options.  (There is only one $50 fee, if you pay online, do not send a check)
      • If you send a check, Personal checks are NO LONGER Accepted; it must be a certified check or money order
    11. You must select “Ready to Submit” and then "Submit".
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended in sealed envelopes or via electronic transfer
  • Take the Graduate Record Exam (only the  new version after 08/01/2011 will be accepted) and earn competitive scores on the Verbal, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Interpretive Data components of the GRE. (TWU institution code: R6826. PT code: 0619). 
  • International students from a country where the official language is other than English, must take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and TSE/Test A (Test of Spoken English) tests.  For a list of exempt countries and the TOEFL exemption form see:  See this document for minimum acceptable scores in the various types of testing.
  • Submit the following items to allow us to get to know you better:
    • The Cover Sheet  is to be placed on top of mailed items (all in one envelope) or if emailing items, please attach all in one email.  Submit only one cover sheet (do not send alone).  [Note: recommendation forms, transcripts, GRE scores, and the online application may arrive before the cover sheet and supp;omental materials]
    • Provide a Prerequisite list that includes when and where you will be completing any outstanding prerequisite coursework.
    • Campus preference letter - State your reason(s) in a few sentences for selecting either the Houston or Dallas campus in a 1st choice/2nd choice format.  If you truly have no preference, then your application will be randomly assigned to one or the other.
    • Resume - Include colleges attended since high school, work experience, leadership roles, honors, volunteer experience, other special abilities (e.g. fluency in a foreign language) and hobbies.  Note approximate # of hours spent in each PT observation or work experience.
    • Interest letter - Submit a 2 page typed, double spaced letter that expresses your interest in and knowledge of PT.  Be reflective of your feelings concerning this as  a career in health care and what motivates you to pursue a DPT.  Include examples of formative relationships and explain why and how you think you may contribute to the profession of physical therapy.
    • Submit three (3) completed Applicant Recommendation Forms. At least 2 recommendations must come from physical therapists (licensed to practice in the US) where you have observed/worked/volunteered for at least 40 hours each (minimum 80 hours total). These experiences and recommendations must come from at least two (2) different therapy environments (e.g. out-patient orthopedics, pediatrics, acute care hospital, rehabilitation facility, extended care facility); see this document for more information. Two recommendations from the same clinic are considered as one reference, unless evidence is provided that they represent separate and different physical therapy environments.  The third recommendation can come from a professor, supervisor, employer or a third physical therapist at another facility. TWU does not interview, so these recommendations are very important.
  • Infant, child and adult CPR & AED certification for AHA Healthcare Providers must be obtained before entering and maintained current throughout the program.
  • Remember that admission to the School of Physical Therapy is competitive.  For the incoming class admitted in the fall 2014 semester, the average last 60 hrs. GPA was 3.85, the average Math/Science GPA was 3.83 and the average GRE total for the Verbal and Quantitative subtests was 154 for each with a 4.5 on the written. 

The Application Deadline for Fall 2015 DPT Program Has Passed

Application Deadlines for Fall 2016

  • July 1, 2015 - Begin accepting applications for fall 2016
  • September 1, 2015 -(Postmarked) Early Application deadline for individuals desiring an early review of their application materials.  These applications will be reviewed once they are completed and those who meet exceptional criteria will be notified by Oct. 31 that they have been accepted.  Others will continue to be reviewed during the subsequent evaluation period.
  • November 1, 2015 - (Postmarked) Final Application deadline.  Only completed applications received by this date will be reviewed by the School of PT Admissions Committee for acceptance to the 2014 Incoming class.
  • December 15, 2015 - Target date for notifying accepted students
  • January 30, 2016 - Target date for notifying Alternates

Send all application materials to:

Regular Mail
Texas Woman's University
School of Physical Therapy
P.O. Box 425766
Denton, Texas 76204-5766

FED Ex  
Texas Woman's University
School of Physical Therapy
Human Development Building
1202 Old Main Cir RM 202
Denton, TX 76204

OR email to:

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