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Frequently Asked Questions from Potential and New Student Members

What are expectations for PKP membership?
Members may choose to be as involved as they like. A number of students serve as student vice presidents on our executive board each year. Others choose only to participate in the handful of service activities we offer on each of our campuses. Still others may choose to join the (pending) student organization.

Will I get to wear regalia at graduation?
Yes! If you join Phi Kappa Phi, you are eligible to purchase and wear regalia at graduation. Information about the regalia can be found at There are no restrictions on regalia at TWU: you could buy and wear all three recognition items. If you are wearing a stole from another honor society, you could choose to wear the cords and/or the medallion to represent PKP.

Where does my initiation fee go?
The initiation fee supports events the chapter holds on each of our campuses, including recognition ceremonies to inform potential members about the benefits of joining PKP, service projects, and (new) commencement brunches. The fee covers the cost of the initiation ceremonies in Dallas and Houston and allows us to ship certificates and pins and graduation regalia to our distance learner members at no cost.

What is the cost of annual renewal?
Once you join Phi Kappa Phi, you are a member for life. You are either an active or an inactive member. Active means dues paid. To be eligible for any of the national awards, you must be an active member. The annual renewal price is $35 for national dues. The annual chapter dues renewal fee is $10. There are member-for-life rates at both the national and the chapter level.

What is the deadline to join?
New member registration will open next spring and the deadline will be made available then.  

What is the dress code for the recognition events?
We expect students to come dressed in their everyday clothing.

What is the dress code for the spring initiation ceremonies?
The dress code is business casual, though some students who have clinicals that evening attend in scrubs. The point is to celebrate your achievement. It should be noted that a professional photographer will be present at the initiation ceremonies and photos will be made available through TWU PKP social media.

Welcome to our Newest Members!

In Spring 2016, TWU's chapter of Phi Kappa Phi initiated 170 new members!

We congratulate our newest members and recognize them below.

College of Arts & Sciences


  • Guadalupe Arreola
  • Nacole Beaty
  • Kaitlin Mackenzie Briggs
  • Lauren Elizabeth Fennimore
  • Michelle Gonnet
  • Paige D. Hall
  • Kayla M Harris
  • Caira K Heinze
  • Catherine Hightower
  • Jaclyn Kliman
  • Morgan Lane
  • Carolyn M Littlefield
  • Jesse K Malone
  • Nimmy Mamoottil
  • Angela Moore
  • Pegah Moradi
  • Monserrat Moreno Mendoza
  • Tony Nam Nguyen
  • Emily Nickles
  • Tiffany Lynn Owen
  • Gabriela A Padilla
  • Chelsea L Reeves
  • Brittany Kay Rich
  • Christina Rohmer
  • Alexis Diano Sikorski
  • Nadiyah Suleiman
  • Samantha Annette Sullivan
  • Nkemjika Uke


  • Rasha Abdelrazzaq
  • Kimberlee Ann Alvari
  • Prajakta Aphale
  • Natasha Bass
  • Chloe Rae Brooke
  • Ninotchka B Brydges
  • Cynthia M. Butler
  • Scott Carman
  • Yeajean Choi
  • Caroline Sutton Clark
  • Dora Linda Delgado-Torres
  • Brittany R. Dodd
  • Candy R. Eggleston
  • Delma Rodriguez Garcia
  • Emily Kozeal Gupton
  • Adrienne Howarth-Moore
  • Andrea Laurent-Simpson
  • Jessica F. Murphy
  • Laura K. Nelms
  • Emily H Novak
  • Beth Poortinga
  • Amy J Quintero
  • Kimberly A. Sauke
  • Binu Sharma
  • Nicole Yvonne Jenkins Sieffert
  • Mina L. Sommerville-Thompson
  • Remya Ammassam Veettil
  • Sharona Marie Washington
  • Maegan Elizabeth Weems
  • Catrina Renee Williams
  • Kim Witthuhn Layton
  • Kristopher Jason Zalun

College of Health Sciences


  • Kaitlyn Abruzzese
  • Sydney Britton
  • Ivon Burciaga
  • Stephanie Danielle Criswell
  • Rachel Gillis
  • Erin Maxwell


  • Tamantha Brooks
  • Kim Celeste Broussard
  • Florence Kay Brown
  • Lauren Meagan Brown
  • Suzanne C. Burns
  • Laurie S Cain
  • Maureen B. Childs
  • Elizabeth G. Cremar
  • Pamela R Farley
  • Amanda N. Glenn
  • Marlene Magistrado
  • Keith Benjamin McWilliams
  • Cassie Elaine Medellin
  • Tricia Elaine Muenchow
  • Kelsey Narramore
  • Carol Getz Rice
  • Veronica T. Rowe
  • Monica Starkovich
  • Megan L. Taylor

College of Professional Education


  • Taylor Brooke Beeman
  • Michelle L. Blanton
  • Kaitlyn Caro
  • Megan Donovan
  • McKenzie Francis
  • Sarah Rae Gerken
  • Kaitlin McBride
  • Maria Romo Beshears
  • Lauren Taylor Sadler
  • Brooke D. Sims
  • Fathima Zaynab Wazeer


  • Diana Armendariz
  • Jackie Stricklan Barfield
  • Margaret Ann Barnes
  • Amy Elizabeth Brandt-Rodriquez
  • Skyla Bryant
  • Sarah J. Burt
  • Erica Nicole Carpenter
  • Amy L. Cloud
  • Dana DeAndrea
  • Sheryl Denson
  • Tamra Dollar
  • Susanne M. Fantini
  • Jennifer C Farmer
  • Janelle L Farnam
  • Katherine W. Fauss
  • Dolores M. Gonzalez
  • Karina Gutierrez
  • Deborah Hathaway
  • Megan Mikeska Heath
  • Robin Lee Heins
  • Jessica K. Heinze
  • Paloma L. Lenz
  • Terri L McKeever
  • Alyson L Montgomery
  • Kristi W. Porter
  • Alison Rison
  • Viva Amalia Runnels
  • Taylor Scott
  • Katie Sherrard
  • Valerie Michelle Smither
  • Yvonne M. Thomas
  • Miranda J Valdez
  • Raquel K. Williams
  • Kyle David Wilson 

College of Nursing


  • Jennifer A. Hines
  • Matleena Impola
  • Selma Maldonado
  • Lawana Self
  • Nicole Danyelle Stearns
  • Stephanie Tran 


  • Adeila Ijeoma Armstrong
  • Cindy Wrinn Baltrun
  • Kari Benton
  • Melissa Benton Rybak
  • Casey Cannon
  • Athena Davies
  • Heather DeGrande
  • Abbey Kaler
  • Angel Marie Krueger
  • Hiromi Krueger
  • Pamela E Montgomery
  • Tameika Williams Morris
  • Riz Olivares
  • Lindsay Ottersberg
  • Dayna Skolkin
  • Megan Sloan


  • Gina Anderson
  • Karen Dunlap
  • Cynthia Lee Evetts
  • Niki Fogg
  • Laurie Galatas
  • Dolores Kearney
  • June Levitt
  • Camelia Maier
  • Sarah K. McMahan
  • Ainslie T. Nibert
  • Lisa Silliman-French
  • Jennifer Ensign Wilson
  • Vicki L. Zeigler


  • Jan Sherman


  • Robert L. Lothringer
  • Gary T. Ray


  • Tracy Stegmair
  • Jasmine Chatoyia Wiley

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