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Jennifer Martin, Senior Associate ProvostWelcome to the Office of the Senior Associate Provost website. This office undergirds academics at TWU through the work of a number of offices and personnel whose mission is supporting the work of academic units and faculty. The Office includes the following units:
  • The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • The Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • University Scheduling
  • The Office of Education Abroad
  • Center for Faculty Excellence

In addition, staff in the Office of the Senior Associate Provost are responsible for a number of university-wide initiatives which span undergraduate and graduate affairs.  Examples include:

  • Academic policy
  • Academic events
  • Commencement (in collaboration with the Office of the Registrar)
  • Curriculum management (e.g., Curriculum Committee facilitation, course inventory)
  • Emeritus College facilitation
  • Faculty Handbook (in collaboration with the Faculty Senate)
  • Faculty status (i.e., support of tenure and promotion, post-tenure review, emeritus faculty)
  • Faculty success (awards, development, grants and leaves)
  • HB 2504 reporting
  • International scholars/visitors programs
  • Off-campus and education-abroad courses
  • Phi Kappa Phi facilitation
  • Specialized academic reports/responses
  • Textbook reporting

In all of these initiatives, the Office of the Senior Associate Provost is focused on TWU’s educational mission resulting in graduates with “potential, purpose and a pioneering spirit.”  We invite you to contact us for information on any of our areas of responsibility.

Jennifer Martin, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Provost
Professor of Family Sciences

Faculty Performance Review Task Force Final Report

The final report of the task force to Dr. Neely is available here.  During Fall 2015, the Provost is seeking input from university constituents.