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OL Testimonials

Desiree’ Miller

Why did you choose to become an orientation leader?
As soon as I came through the doors at my first orientation I was greeted with such energy and a reassurance that TWU rules! I knew right then and there that I wanted to be an orientation leader because not only did the job require energy but also intelligence, creativity, professionalism and overall a well-rounded person, which I feel suited me well. When I saw the orientation leaders around school they were also very involved in activities within the school and everyone had great grades. But most importantly I choose to become an orientation leader because I was interested in interacting with people and I wanted to learn/know all about the day to day happenings in a high productive department, so that I may be able to understand it better in the future, when dealing with my future career of being an educator.

How do you feel this experience as benefited you?
I feel this experienced has benefited me by allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful well rounded group of people. It opened doors to personally get to know the people that help make TWU such a wonderful school such as deans, student workers, professors, janitors, future students and the chancellor herself, Dr. Ann Stuart. It also allowed me to get a better outlook into my future career which is to be a teacher by working with students not only to educate them but to be creative in the way that we approach them. This experience also helped me develop an understanding to different personalities of people and how to deal with high stress situations. But overall this experience has benefited me by allowing me to grow not only mentally but emotionally and physically as well.

Mary Joyce Villanueva

Why did you choose to become an orientation leader?
I choose to become an orientation leader because I wanted to be able to help the incoming freshman feel comfortable and welcomed into to TWU as my orientation leaders did at my orientation.

How do you feel this experience as benefited you?
Being an orientation leader has benefited me by enhancing my school pride for TWU, from the trainings where we learned about the TWU history to the excited faces of the incoming freshman, it has definitely made me a proud pioneer!

Candace Williams

Why I decided to be Orientation Leader?
I decided to become a Orientation Leader, because I really admired the Past Orientation leaders. I loved how they were so diverse and related to so many people out of the freshmen class. I wanted to be apart of something so great, and to represent a University that I have grown to love. 

How has this Experience have been beneficial?
I love the responsibility it allowed me to gain and how much I have grown in this short amount of time. I love the different types people I have been able to meet and life- long friends I have obtained. I feel as if this has been the major cause of my first year growth. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!


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