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The PhD in Occupational Therapy is primarily a research degree that prepares occupational therapists for advanced scholarly careers in academia and practice. At the completion of the PhD program in Occupational Therapy, the graduate will have demonstrated the ability to contribute new or expanded, knowledge skills and attitudes to the discipline / practice of occupational therapy, as evidenced by publications in peer reviewed journals, and national presentations at peer reviewed professional conferences. 

PhD Program Faculty


Research Focus

The PhD in Occupational Therapy at TWU is based on a mentorship model. Applicants must match research interests with a faculty mentor before entry into the program. Scholarship is developed under that mentor with individual study and articulations with organized coursework assignments culminating in disseration. The degree is focused to the demonstration of competence in the design, implementation, and dissemination of research.

Marsha Neville, OTR, PhD
Pei-Fen Chang, OTR, PhD
Cynthia Evetts, OTR, PhD
Noralyn Davel Pickens, OT, PhD
Patricia Bowyer, OTR, EdD
Mary Frances Baxter, OT, PhD
Asha Vas, OT, PhD
Tina Fletcher, OTR, EdD, MFA


Patricia Bowyer, OTR, EdD
Professor and Coordinator of Doctoral Program

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