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Years providing Occupational Therapy Education: 45

 Number of Faculty:

Dallas     8 1 half time 
Denton  1 half time

Total Faculty Positions: 26

Enrollment Fall 2015:

MOT:   399
Post-Professional:  51
Graduates 2015:

MOT      136
Post-Professional  7
Graduates since 1970:

 5,125 and counting

MOT Target Class Sizes:

Dallas MOT   45
Houston MOT  42
Denton MOT  30
MOT Bridge  15
Annual Total:     132

Number of credit hours in MOT curriculum*
 Semester 1:    13
 Semester 2:   13
 Summer    7
 Semester 3:   13
 Semester 4:    14
 Fieldwork Semesters:   24
Total:    83

Months in MOT curriculum:

MOT: 28
MOT Bridge*:    40

*MOT Bridge is a part time online/campus program

 NBCOT Certification First Time Test Taker Pass Rate:

The total number of graduates who passed the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) certification examination as first-time new graduate test takers in 2010-2012 was 245 out of 321 which is a first time test taker pass rate of 76%. (Based on NBCOT 3-year summary reports) 

During that 3 year time period, the program had 310** graduates. Of those 310 graduates, 294 passed the examination within 12 months of their respective graduation dates, which is a 94% one year pass rate. (Based on our class data.)

*The TWU MOT program graduates the majority of its students in December, eg. persons graduating in December 2012 do not test until 2013.  
** Total number of graduates reflects disparities in class sizes. 






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