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The Preceptor Education Program is designed to help both clinical educators and students alike to better prepare for clinical placements. The completely free program offers short 30-minute modules that contain both downloadable learning activities and tools as well as quick tips. This is a good introduction to clinical training and fieldwork education.

AOTA's Voluntary Credentialing

AOTA Fieldwork Resources

Click on the following links to access articles and other resources related to fieldwork education.

Website Links

Click on the following links to access resources about accreditation, certification, Texas licensure and national and state professional organizations.

Fieldwork Articles

Click on the following links to access published articles about fieldwork education.

Evidence-Based Practice Databases

These sites provide avenues for accessing evidenced-based practice information. Your fieldwork interns are familiar with these resources and can assist you with EBP research specific to your practice setting.

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